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Airport Car Accident Lawyer Kansas, City

Every month people are hurt in car accidents at airports coming and going from Kansas City International Airport. KCI is a busy regional airport with on average over 800,000 flights per month.  Tens of thousands of cars, buses, shuttles, taxis, rideshares, and other vehicles are coming and going from the same place, around the same time, under less than ideal situations.  Car accidents at airports are exceedingly common not only due to the sheer number of vehicles in one spot, but due to the stress of traveling, arriving on time, and navigating congested areas.

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Types of Kansas City Airport Vehicle Accidents

With congestion, construction, stressed-out drivers, and tight spaces, there are certainly accidents every single week at a Missouri airport.  There are a variety of types of accidents that occur at airports:

  • Pedestrian accidents. With so many people loading and unloading in the same area, unfortunately, pedestrians get hit by vehicles constantly pulling in and out. Even though these vehicles are often moving at slow speeds, a pedestrian never wins against a car, and there multiple injuries at deaths caused by car accidents at airports every year.
  • Rear-end accidents. Picking up or dropping a passenger off is always stressful, especially in a tight space with a traffic guard rushing you out of the “wrong” parking space. Accidents are bound to happen, and the most common are rear-end car accidents at airports.
  • Shuttle accidents. With shuttles and buses dropping off dozens of people, bus tend to run into cars frequently.
  • Parking lot accidents. With so many parking spots and cars closed together, injuries at airport parking lots happen. While the majority of these incidents result in only property damage, physical damage to pedestrians happens. We have helped people with parking lot accidents and injuries from backing-up at parking lots.

Reasons for Auto Collisions

 There are numerous reasons that an auto accident can occur. In most situations, the underlying cause  is because a driver was being negligent. No one wants to be involved in an auto accident and unfortunately, most accidents can be avoidable. Some of the reasons for auto accidents are:

  • Distraction: A large majority of auto accidents are the result of a driver not paying attention. More times than not, it is because someone is either talking or texting on a phone while driving. This is especially common at the airport where drivers are trying to figure out where they need to go to drop someone off or pick up. Other distractions include eating, drinking, talking to passengers, focusing on a GPS, and changing the instrument controls such as heat/air conditioning
  • Intoxication: It is no secret that driving after having over the limit in alcohol consumption is illegal. Unfortunately, people still believe they can get away with it. Driving while intoxicated reduces key abilities needed to drive such as reaction time, vision, and judgment.
  • Drugged driving: Driving while under the influence of drugs is also illegal. This does not just include illegal drugs but prescription drugs as well. Much like alcohol, drugs have the same effects on the body and can reduce key abilities needed to be a safe driver.
  • Speeding: Speeding is a very common cause of auto accidents. This can especially happen when someone is driving very fast in order to catch their flight on time.
  • Fatigue: Getting behind the wheel while being tired can be dangerous. Falling asleep at the wheel can not only put yourself but others in danger as well. Being fatigued while driving will lower your reflex time just as much as driving under the influence
  • Aggressive Driving: Not everyone drives in a safe and secure matter. Drivers can speed, tailgate, and change lanes without notice causing them to be a hazard to other drivers.
  • Recklesses: Activities like racing, constantly changing lanes, passing a vehicle in an unsafe area, speeding in unsafe conditions, and road rage are all signs of a reckless driver. This kind of behavior not only increases the chances of there being an accident, but also increases the chances of a serious injury.
  • Elderly drivers: Although they have been driving longer and have more experience, elderly drivers could potentially put others at risk. Elderly drivers could have slower reaction time, judgement time, and overall operational skills might be lower.
  • Inexperienced drivers: younger drivers are still learning how to drive. Their abilities and understanding of driving is still being developed and often do not have the knowledge yet to be proactive drivers, resist reckless driving, or avoid common distractions such as engaging with passengers, using a cell phone, and other common distractions
  • Vehicle defects: Just like any other machine, vehicles can malfunction and break down. An accident can happen if a vehicle has defective brakes, power steering malfunction, or if the gas pedal is stuck. In situations like these, the manufacturer or retailer might be held liable for the accident.

Who is liable in a car accident at an airport?

When determining whether a victim can recover damages they incurred at an airport car accident it is important to look to who caused the accident. In a situation with congestion, confusing, and lots of cars sometimes it can be exceedingly difficult to determine who was liable.  Hiring an experienced airport car accident lawyer Kansas, City recommends, like the lawyers of Royce Injury is what can put your case over the top. A firm that has not only done dozens of these types of cases, but has the resources to hire personal investigators, experts, and consultants can be the difference in recovering money for your damages and walking away with nothing.  Additionally, when these accidents occur between our clients and large corporations like airport employees and corporate-owned buses or shuttles, it is important to hire a firm with the resources to fight large corporations.  Hiring an inexperienced attorney who may need the settlement check as much or more than the client, can lead to situations where an attorney is not looking out only for the client as required by ethical duties.

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