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Attorneys for Missourians Hurt in Backing-Up Car Accidents in Kansas City, Missouri

Highway Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MOAll vehicles have their blind spots and backing-up accidents are more common and dangerous than most drivers know.  Contact a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City today if you have been hurt in one of these accidents.

Backing-up accidents can happen in multiple ways. A driver can be rear-ended while pulling out of a parking space by an impatient driver, a person in a hurry can pull out of a spot without looking and hit another car, and most dangerous of all, a driver can accidentally hit an unseen pedestrian walking by.  Whatever the scenario, Royce Injury can represent you and get you the money you deserve.

Thankfully, rear-view cameras are becoming more common and the frequency of these accidents is dropping. However, there are still tens of millions of cars on the road without these cameras, sometimes the cameras malfunction, and sadly a lot of times, we find that drivers just do not use them or pay attention to their cameras.

If you were injured in a backing-up accident and there was a malfunction in the driver’s camera, that could lead to a products liability case that will not only result in more money for the victim, but will potentially allow us to get the manufacturer to make changes to their products to prevent future accidents and malfunctions from happening to other people.

A lot of backing-up accidents happen at ow speeds resulting mostly in property damage, but even at low speeds a backing-up accident can cause severe injuries, and even fatalities.  Royce Injury is dedicated to preventing as many of these injuries as possible and protecting the rights of all people injured in a backing-up accident in the Kansas City area and all throughout Missouri and nationwide.

Rate and Seriousness of Backing-Up Auto Accidents

Backing-up accidents make up a small fraction of the overall number of automobile accidents per year, but with the sheer number of cars on the road, hundreds of people die per year and thousands are injured by backing-up accidents.  If you are looking for a Kansas City personal injury lawyer please call us at 855-976-9235.

Backing-up accidents have caused in excess of 500 deaths per year and over 15,000 injuries according to the National Safety Council.

Who is at fault in a backing-up accident?

In almost all cases, the driver backing-up is liable for injuries and damages in a backing-up accident.  This is especially true if a pedestrian is hit by a car.  As is the case for all car accidents, the driver’s insurance should cover all damages caused by the backing-up accident.  Damages to the victim can include medical costs, lost wages from not being able to work, and other incurred expenses.

Additionally, if you are the victim of backing-up accident and the driver flees the scene, hope is not lost.  A person with uninsured motorist coverage should be able to get compensation from their own insurance company.

However, in all cases, time is of the essence.  Any victim of a backing-up accident or any auto accident, should gather as much information from the driver, call the police and make sure to get and request a police report, and immediately seek medical attention.

Royce Injury offers free consultations for all backing-up accidents from the comfort of your home and can get your case started immediately over the phone. Call us today at 855-976-9235 to get the information you deserve.

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