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Brachial Plexus Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO 

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Brachial Plexus Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO 

If you have children or have gone through birth education courses, you are likely familiar with brachial plexus injuries (or have at least heard the term). These are commonly thought of as birth injuries, because they can occur when babies have difficulty passing through the birth canal.

But brachial plexus injuries are not just limited to birth complications. We can suffer BPIs at any time throughout life in a number of common scenarios, some of which would be grounds for personal injury litigation. Commonly, brachial plexus injuries occur as a result of auto accidents. If you’ve suffered injury as a result of a car, truck or motorcycle accident, know that you don’t have to navigate this situation alone. By working with a car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO residents trust, you’ll gain access to experienced professional guidance and an advocate eager to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation available for your injuries. The Kansas City, MO lawyer team at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC is here to help. Please call now so that we can protect your rights as an active victim and preserve your legal options. Once you’ve made an informed choice about how you’d like to proceed in regards to your legal situation, we’ll remain here to support you every step of the way. 

Defining Brachial Plexus Injuries

Your brachial plexus is a highway of nerves that runs from each side of your neck outward across your chest and to the armpit. Nearly all of us (if born with both arms) have a right and left plexus) These nerves are responsible for controlling the muscle movements in your arms, hands and shoulders, and for relaying the sensations you experience.

This complex and sensitive system of nerves can be damaged in a number of ways, including damage caused by stretching (neuropraxia), rupturing/tearing, or having the nerve root torn from the spinal cord (avulsion). Where the damage occurs and which nerves are impacted will determine the specific outcomes for each patient. But resulting symptoms may include temporary or permanent:

  •         Numbness and pain
  •         Muscle stiffness
  •         Muscle weakness and weakening (atrophy)
  •         Reduced movement in the shoulder/arm/hand
  •         Paralysis of the upper limb(s)

How These Injuries Occur

Most often, BPIs are the result of physical trauma. This can stem from voluntary participation in dangerous activities like contact sports. But in a personal injury context, BPIs can be the result of other peoples’ negligent or intentional actions, including:

  •         Car/truck/motorcycle accidents
  •         Pedestrian and bicyclist accidents
  •         Slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls and similar accidents
  •         Knife and gunshot wounds
  •         Physical attacks by humans
  •         Dog attacks
  •         Workplace accidents

Brachial plexus injuries can sometimes occur because of tumors grown along the brachial plexus as well as the radiation treatments used to treat cancer. As mentioned above, BPIs are also commonly associated with trauma during birth.

Can You Pursue Compensation For A Brachial Plexus Injury?  

If your BPI was caused by the negligence or intentional actions of another person, you can seek compensation through personal injury litigation. This is one of the reasons why it is important to connect with a Kansas City, MO lawyer if you’ve sustained this injury as a result of an auto wreck. If someone else caused the harm you’re suffering, you can likely hold them accountable for the costs you incur as a result of your injuries. BPIs, like other injuries, can result in:

  •         Steep medical bills (past, present and future)
  •         Years of physical therapy
  •         Numerous surgeries
  •         Missed work and lost wages
  •         Reduced earning capacity
  •         Pain and suffering
  •         Reduced enjoyment of life

Depending on the severity of the injury and how it occurred, it is not always immediately clear whether a brachial plexus injury will be permanent or temporary. If it is temporary, you may not know whether it can heal on its own or require medical intervention (surgery and therapy). Therefore, it is important to prepare for the most thorough diagnosis (and resulting prognosis) and seek the full amount of compensation available based on the opinions of a trusted medical professional.

How Our Firm Can Help

As an experienced Missouri personal injury firm, our Kansas City, MO lawyers are ready to help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve from all at-fault parties. Contact our office today to arrange your free initial consultation with a caring and compassionate attorney.

When thinking about starting or expanding a family, many parents can imagine a difficult pregnancy and possible complications that can happen over the nine months the baby spends in utero. But fewer parents are prepared for the possibility that their child could suffer a serious injury during the birth itself. Sadly, birth injuries are more common than most people realize, and they can have serious, lifelong consequences for both the baby and the mother.

Just one of many possible birth injury scenarios involves damage to the brachial plexus. Statistics show that brachial plexus injuries occur in one to three births out of every 1,000. If your child has suffered this injury as a result of a traumatic birth process, please don’t wait to connect with a birth injury lawyer Kansas City, MO residents trust. The experienced Kansas City, MO brachial plexus injury lawyer team at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC can help you to preserve your legal options and exercise your legal rights. Depending on your circumstances, you may be awarded significant compensation as a result of the harm your child has suffered. 

What Are Brachial Plexus Injuries?

Between a person’s neck and shoulders, there is a highly complex network of nerves called the brachial plexus. This network, which is located along the chest between the neck and armpit, is responsible for controlling muscle function and feeling in the arms and hands, shoulders and chest.

If the nerves in the brachial plexus are compressed, stretched or torn, the result may be loss of feeling, reduced movement or paralysis in the limb.

There are numerous subtypes of brachial plexus injuries based on:

  •         How the nerves were damaged (stretched, ruptured, torn, etc.)
  •         Where along the path the damage occurred
  •         Which of the five nerves were damaged

One subtype of brachial plexus injury, for instance, is Erb’s Palsy. Someone with this condition experienced damage to the upper nerves. As a result, they will likely experience weakness in the biceps and shoulder muscles. In babies, this will likely result in atrophy (weakening) of the muscles and feeling of stiffness/pain. It could also put the baby at higher risk for shoulder dislocation.

How Do These Injuries Occur During Birth?

It should be noted that brachial plexus injuries can occur at any time during life, typically as a result of physical trauma. But BPIs are commonly thought of as birth injuries, in part, because they can occur when there is difficulty getting a baby safely through the birth canal. Depending on the circumstances of a child’s traumatic birth, a Kansas City, MO brachial plexus injury lawyer may be able to help parents seek compensation for the harm their child has suffered. Newborns are at higher risk for BPIs when:

  •         The infant’s shoulders get wedged in the birth canal
  •         The baby has a high birth weight
  •         The labor lasts a long time
  •         The baby is presenting breech

There are times when the risk factors cannot be controlled, even with the best medical intervention. But there are also instances in which brachial plexus injuries are the result of mistakes, negligence and medical malpractice. It is up to physicians and delivery nurses to closely monitor both the mother and the fetus for signs of distress and complications and intervene in a timely fashion. When they don’t, there is an increased risk of BPIs and even more devastating birth injuries.

You Can Hold Negligent Medical Professionals Liable

If your child was diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy or any other form of brachial plexus injury as the result of hospital errors or other medical malpractice, please speak to a Kansas City, MO brachial plexus injury lawyer about seeking compensation for your family’s:

  •         Past, present and future medical bills (which may be very expensive)
  •         Years of physical therapy
  •         The (potential) need for numerous surgeries
  •         Pain and suffering

It is not easy to prove that a birth injury was foreseeable and preventable, which is why it is so important to work with highly experienced attorneys who have the knowledge, skills and resources to build these types of cases.

To learn more about how our Missouri-based firm can help you and your child, call us to arrange an initial consultation. We look forward to speaking with you and hearing your child’s story. 


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