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Brain Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Brain Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO


If you have sustained a brain injury because of someone else’s negligent, reckless, or intentional choices, you may be able to seek compensation for the harm you have suffered. With the help of an experienced Kansas City, Missouri brain injury lawyer, you can explore your legal options and make an informed choice concerning how to move forward. Generally speaking, the responsible party’s insurance company will not negotiate with a victim unless they feel pressure to do so by a lawyer representing the victim. Should they fail to offer a fair settlement, a skilled Kansas City, MO brain injury lawyer will be prepared to take the next steps necessary to secure you any compensation you may be entitled to. Representing oneself during insurance negotiations and/or in court can be difficult and extremely challenging under the best of circumstances, but doing so while dealing with a severe brain injury may be close to impossible.

The team at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC is here for victims; our Kansas City, MO brain injury lawyer team, focuses on these types of challenging cases to preserve the rights of victims to receive the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. A large settlement can make the difference in providing a brain injury victim with the level of medical care they need to recover as much as possible. And while the team focuses on their case, the client can focus on their treatment and recovering from their injury.

What might a settlement for my brain injury include?

Ideally, settlements made in response to a victim’s brain injury claim should reflect the damages suffered by the victim. A Kansas City, MO brain injury lawyer will carefully consider every area of the client’s life insofar as how the accident has changed it, and how their future may be impacted. There are many costs that the victim might suffer, and those should be included in the injury claim or lawsuit damages. For instance, to what extent has the victim’s quality of life been affected? How might it be transformed for the rest of their life? Will they regain the full physical, emotional, and psychological state they were in before the accident? Additionally, your Kansas City, MO brain injury lawyer shares that the settlement may reflect:

  • The costs for a lifetime of medical treatment for brain injury.
  • The earnings the victim will lose out on because they cannot continue their career.
  • The diminished quality of life they can no longer enjoy.
  • The pain and suffering they have endured and will endure into the future.
  • The many modifications that must be made to their home and vehicle in order to accommodate their physical limitations that result from the brain injury.

With an experienced Kansas City, MO brain injury lawyer by your side, you can feel confident that your rights will be advocated for at every step along the legal road ahead.

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Some injuries are more severe than others. When certain parts of the body face trauma, it could have reverberating consequences.

Our Kansas City, MO brain injury lawyer will tell you that one such area is the head. When you find yourself dealing with trauma to the head, it can spell trouble for your brain. Since the brain is responsible for controlling every other system in the body, an injury to one part may reverberate somewhere else. While some head injuries may be obvious to see, others are not. It’s a good idea to know the common signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury or TBI in case you find yourself feeling strange after walking away from an accident. For the help you deserve, it’s in your best interest to contact Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, brain injury lawyers that accident victims in Kansas City, MO, can depend on.

Some of the First Symptoms

After suffering a fall or an accident, you may have no physical indication that your head was impacted. Lack of symptoms does not mean that your brain avoided injury. In some cases, the brain may rattle inside the skull, striking the hard surface. When this happens, there may not be any external bruising, but inside, the brain is hurting. If you start feeling unusual hours or days after an accident, our brain injury lawyer in Kansas City, MO, stresses the importance of getting checked at the hospital. An unchecked TBI may result in loss of brain and body functions, paralysis, and even death. Stay alert to the following signs that your brain may have gotten hurt:

  • Painful headaches that worsen over time
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of balance
  • Memory recall issues
  • Slurred speech

Another sign to watch out for is sudden numbness or tingling in the face. Such a symptom may be a sign that the nervous system is not receiving or sending messages.

Things You Should Do if You Suspect a TBI

When you start feeling the initial symptoms, you may believe you are reacting to the stress of the incident. Once the symptoms begin to intensify; you may believe you have a TBI. What should you do if you suspect a TBI? Our Kansas City, MO brain injury lawyer will tell you that the first step is to get to a hospital immediately for an exam. Give an accurate recounting of the events that led to the symptoms. A doctor will give you a diagnosis, and you will be given a course of treatment that will vary based on the severity of the condition. Starting treatment may cost money, so hiring our brain injury lawyer representing Kansas City, MO, may be vital in helping you obtain compensation for the medical costs you are left responsible for. If the accident or incident that caused the injury was due to someone else’s negligence or part of a workplace incident, you might be able to get benefits sooner rather than later.

Our Kansas City, Missouri brain injury lawyer at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, can be a powerful ally in the fight to recoup the cost of your medical care.

Long-Term Effects of a Brain Injury

A brain injury is one of the most serious types of injuries you can suffer in an accident and can affect you for the rest of your life. Here are some of the long-term effects of a brain injury:

  • Headaches: As a brain injury lawyer in Kansas City, MO can confirm, it’s not uncommon for brain injury victims to suffer headaches long after their accidents. They may have to deal with headaches on a daily basis for months or even years. These headaches may even worsen over time. Having headaches all the time can make it more difficult to concentrate on your daily tasks.
  • Visual Problems: Head injuries can also negatively impact a person’s vision. These injuries can make it more difficult for the eyes to focus during near vision. This can lead to blurry vision and other eye problems and make your life more difficult. You may need assistance performing certain tasks and might not be able to drive anymore.
  • Fatigue: Those who have severe brain injuries are more likely to suffer physical and mental fatigue. Feeling tired all the time can make them more emotional and cause them to make poor decisions. They may have trouble managing time and getting things done.
  • Social Isolation: Brain injury victims deal with various physical and emotional symptoms, preventing them from participating in the activities they once enjoyed. They may feel embarrassed about their injury and stop spending time with their family and friends. Unfortunately, this can result in a lower quality of life.
  • Difficulty Finding Employment: People with severe brain injuries may have trouble performing tasks at their job and might not be able to return to work at all. They may need to rely on the government for financial assistance and struggle financially for the rest of their lives.

Common Myths About Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • The Effects of a Brain Injury Are Apparent Immediately: A common myth a brain injury lawyer in Kansas City, MO hears about brain injuries is that they show immediate symptoms. However, some people may walk away from an accident feeling just fine and not experience symptoms until later.
  • Mild Brain Injuries Are Not a Big Deal: While mild brain injuries don’t result in death, they can still negatively affect a person’s life. People with mild brain injuries may still experience memory loss, difficulty concentrating, irritability and other effects.
  • Helmets Prevent Brain Injuries: There’s no denying that helmets can save lives in bicycle, motorcycle and construction accidents. However, that doesn’t mean the victim walks away completely unharmed. As a brain injury lawyer in Kansas City, MO can confirm, people who wear helmets can still suffer brain injuries during accidents.

Long Term Effects of Serious Brain Injuries

At  Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, our legal team’s 30 years of combined experience ensures that our brain injury lawyer in Kansas City, MO will understand the challenges you face. Every case is different because every client is different, but many issues are typically shared among victims of brain injuries. For instance, long term care is often problematic. Medical care is expensive, and the number of specialists that a brain injury patient needs can quickly overwhelm their insurance coverage. A brain injury lawyer from our firm can help you recover the costs of hiring these specialists who can assist you in healing as quickly as possible. 

Depending on the nature and severity of the brain injury, you may require any or all of the following medical services:

  • A physical therapist. It is not unusual for a brain injury patient to have to learn how to walk again. Because the brain controls the impulses to the limbs and their balance may also be affected due to the physical trauma they suffered, a physical therapist may be needed. Learning how to talk, ascend and descend stairs safely, getting in and out of bed, and bathing are only some of the many tasks that prior to the accident seemed so easy. A physical therapist may be required to visit the patient’s home several times a week for months. 
  • A speech therapist. A brain injury can impede a person’s ability to speak clearly. It can also interfere with their ability to eat food and drink liquids. A speech therapist can help the individual communicate and get the nourishment they need without the risk of choking.
  • An occupational therapist. Even if the brain injury patient is retired and no longer employed, an occupational therapist can be critical to help them on the road to recovery. The goal of this type of specialist is to help the person make adjustments in their life to accommodate their injury. For example, if their bed is too tall for them in their current physical state, the occupational therapist may recommend that a shorter bed is used. After visiting the patient’s home, they may also recommend that “grab handles” be installed in the shower and beside the toilet for safety. 
  • An overnight caregiver. If the patient is taking medications and requires one or more doses during the night, it can be very disruptive for them to manage on their own. This is particularly true if they have difficulty getting in and out of bed. To reduce the risk of falling and incurring additional injuries, an overnight caregiver may be needed. They can also assist in performing light housework duties, running errands, and helping the patient in other daily tasks.

Whether or not you have insurance, in the event of a catastrophic accident resulting in a brain injury, protect your right to receive fair compensation. Call Royce Injury Attorneys LLC today and learn how an experienced Kansas City, MO brain injury lawyer can make all the difference for you and your family.

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