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Attorneys for People Injured Due to Broken Glass and Windshield Impact in Kansas City Auto Accident

broken windshield injury Kansas City

A shocking number of victims in auto accidents that receive an injury are from broken windshield injuries in the Kansas City area.  Shattered windshields present a serious risk not only to the driver and passengers but even to eyewitnesses of the accident.  At the velocity, most accidents happen at, broken windshields become lethal projectiles known to maim and kill bystanders before they even know what happened. A standard vehicle has windows all around it. Meaning that there is glass that can come flying towards someone at any direction if the impact is large enough to break the glass.  Everyone in and around the vehicle can be put at risk from broken shards of glass flying towards their body at a high rate of speed.

Any broken glass is dangerous. Broken glass soaring towards someone’s face and upper body at high speeds create an even more dangerous scenario and is a huge risk to drivers and passengers. More times than not, a broken windshield injury is due to the force of the auto accident. When two or more vehicles collide with each other, the glass around the vehicles may shatter. There are some car companies that designed their cars to utilize glass that has a lower chance of shattering upon impact. However, at a high speed collision, this design may not matter. It is common in a T-bone accident, side windows may break upon impact and send glass flying around in all different directions. Similarly, if someone was to get into a rear end collision with a lot of force, the rear-window of the vehicle could send class flying towards the passengers and create some severe head injuries.

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Common Broken Glass Injuries

The impact of vehicles colliding usually results in broken glass flying in all directions in an instant.  Contrary to common belief, even vehicles moving at slow speeds generate enough force to create debilitating injuries.  Fortunately, automobile technology has advanced enough that these accidents are becoming rarer through the use of shatter-resistant glasses and windshields.  However, no safety measure is 100% effective, so these accidents still occur in newer vehicles, and in older automobiles without the safety standards of today.

Additionally, side and rear glass windows are not made at the same strength level of windshields, so glass injuries from these areas of automobiles is more common.  The worst part of these injuries is that they are so sudden, bystanders do not have time to put up their hands to protect their children or their most vulnerable parts of their bodies.

Obviously, with glass involved, the most common types of broken windshield injuries are deep cuts and bleeding that comes with other significant side effects such as:

  • Cuts – Surface level cuts while painful, and often bleed worse than the injury itself, are most common. The skin is torn but there is not any deeper tissue damage. These injuries can usually be treated with bandages or some stitches, but they can leave permanent damage such as visible scarring.
  • Deep Level Laceration – When a piece of glass goes further than a superficial wound and penetrates the skin deeper tissues, the victim can have more significant scarring, reduced use of limbs due to lacerated muscles and or tendons, and they have an increased risk of infection.
  • Severed Limb – In the most severe cases broken glass injuries can completely sheer off a smaller limb like an ear, thumb, or toe. They can also cut so deep damaging blood vessels cutting off circulation that can lead to amputation. In the most critical cases, limbs have been severed on impact.
  • Shock – While broken windshield injuries can create physical injuries, there are potential for significant mental issues like ptsd and shock from witnessing or being part of a traumatic event. Shock can make treating injuries more difficult, leading to complications.
  • Death – Lastly, while rare, broken glass injuries can cause death through excessive and uncontrollable bleeding from multiple lacerations or severed limbs.

People who fall victim and are injured by broken glass flying at then have the possibility of being restrained from a seatbelt or being protected by an airbag.  who are injured by flying broken glass may be restrained by seat belts or protected by airbags. Even if this is the case, there is still the chance they may still sustain deep lacerations, shock, severed limbs, or fatality. Lacerations caused by broken glass can be quite dangerous. Especially if the laceration penetrates way past the skin all the way to bone. Sometimes a laceration can be so extreme that it becomes necessary to amputate the lacerated body part,  especially if it becomes infected. In other situations, lacerations can result in permanent disfigurement and scarring. Surface-level skin cuts may not be as severe, but should also require medical attention When broken glass does cause a laceration, it is common for accident victims to go into shock. This can result in further psychological trauma for the victim and even create the possibility of death. If a victim from the broken glass bleeds too much from the glass lacerating an area that has vital arteries, there is the possibility that he or she may die from too blood loss or require an immediate amputation.

Even once the healing process is complete, many victims from broken glass still deal with a variety of health problems. The broken glass can very easily leave scar tissue or deformities on the body leaving a constant reminder of the accident. If scar tissue is not healed correctly, the victim can suffer life long pain from the accident.

Lasting Impact of Broken Windshield Accidents

While potentially more painful, internal injuries like broken bones, often do not leave a lasting superficial impact.  While an injured back may never feel right again, most people cannot look at an auto accident victim and know they had a back injury. However, with a broken glass injury, the injury while often less severe to the long-term health of the victim, can leave a lasting physical scar that can cause not only lasting physical but lasting emotional damage.

Options for Victims Injured by a Broken Windshields or Windows in Kansas City Auto Accidents

Victims of these injuries that have resulted from broken glass or windshields by the actions of others can file lawsuits against the responsible parties.  Defective glass or windshields manufacturers can also be held accountable for damages, in addition to the negligent party. Damages that victims may be able to recover after experiencing an injury from a broken windshield or glass may include financial coverage for medical bills, rehab, therapy, replacement services, pain and suffering, job loss, scarring, mental anguish, body disfigurement,

Royce Injury Attorneys help their clients recover the optimal amount to cover their pain and suffering while holding the appropriate parties responsible for their actions.  Contact our office attorneys 24/7 for a free consultation to learn how we can help you. Please call today at 855-976-9235.

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