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Car Accident Injury Law Firm Kansas City, MO

Car Accident Injury Law Firm Kansas City, MOIf you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle collision, please request a free case evaluation from our car accident injury law firm Kansas City, MO residents trust. It’s a very good idea to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, confidential case evaluation even if you believe that you may be partially or totally to blame for the collision that occurred. When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, things are not always as they seem.

Who Is Liable for the Harm Resulting from a Car Crash?

Generally speaking, a motorist involved in a crash can seek compensation against other parties who are partially or totally at-fault for the collision, provided that at least one other party is “more” at-fault for the crash than the motorist seeking compensation. For example, say that you got distracted for an instant while driving down the highway because your toddler spilled her apple juice in the back seat and let our a terrific shriek. You jumped in your seat and the next thing you know, you’ve run into the car ahead of you. As a responsible driver, you know that you are required to maintain a certain distance from the car ahead of you and you assume that the accident was your fault. What you don’t know is that the car ahead of you was going 20 miles over the speed limit and came to a dead stop because the driver was drunk and dozing at the wheel and had almost hit a semi in front of them. Were you somewhat to blame for the accident? Yes. Were you nearly as responsible for the accident as the motorist driving the car you hit? Absolutely not.

Our Kansas City, MO car accident injury law firm has experience with all kinds of accidents. We know from experience that we shouldn’t take any contributing factors to a wreck at face value. We’ll investigate properly so that you can make an informed decision about your legal options given the potential strengths and weaknesses of your unique case.

Legal Assistance Is Available

It’s important to avoid making any assumptions about your case before connecting with the experienced Missouri legal team at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC. No two car accidents unfold in exactly the same way. When it comes to determining fault and liability, details matter. Therefore, if at all possible, avoid speaking to insurance providers before you’ve scheduled a free case evaluation. If you’re reading this while waiting for law enforcement officers to arrive at the scene, call us now so that we can make sure your rights are protected and that evidence is preserved from the start. However, no matter how much time has elapsed since your crash occurred, it’s important to explore your options. Failure to do so may saddle you with costly bills you shouldn’t have to pay and may leave you wondering, “What if?” well into the future. Please connect with our Kansas City, MO car accident injury law firm today; we look forward to speaking with you.

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