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Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Kansas City, MO

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Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Kansas City, MOWhen it comes time to give birth to a baby, every parent wants their baby to be as healthy as possible. However, a birthing injury can take this possibility.  When medical staff are negligent and create a birthing injury, it can turn someone’s world upside down and change lives forever. After someone experiences a birthing injury, they are left wondering what the next steps are and how they are going to handle life moving forward. The child they just gave birth to now has the possibility of developing a long term disability because of someone else’s negligence. Finances can become a strain as well. A birthing injury that can happen because of negligence is cerebral palsy. If your child has developed cerebral palsy because of someone else’s negligence, contact a bell’s palsy lawyer in Kansas City, MO to seek out your options. An experienced lawyer can help you get the compensation your child deserves.

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that will affect someone’s ability to have basic motor skills and be able to maintain balance and coordination. Of all childhood disabilities, cerebral palsy is the most common. Cerebral means having to do with the person’s brain while palsy related to weakness or paralysis of the person’s muscles.

Cerebral palsy is caused when either the child’s brain develops abnormally or damage to the brain that will affect the child’s ability to have total control over their muscles. There are several different factors that result in cerebral palsy. Some can be the delivery doctor applying too much force on the baby, forceps or vacuum extraction tubes using too much pressure, or not properly monitoring the fetal heart rate and respiration. It can also occur when a doctor does not recognize that a mother is not physically fit to give birth vaginally.

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects someone permanently. It often is the result of a birthing injury or negligence while the baby is being delivered. It is a serious condition that can affect the life of a newborn for the rest of their life. According to The Mayo Clinic, cerebral palsy affects roughly between two to four babies in every 1,000 births within the United States. Cerebral palsy can refer to several neurological disorders that can consist of many different symptoms someone can experience. Children with a more milder case of cerebral palsy might be able to live their life with some difficulty. On the other hand, more severe cases can have an effect on intellectual development and significantly impair the child’s ability to have basic motor functions.  Any case of cerebral palsy can have a negative effect on the child’s muscle coordination, cognition, and body movement. Since it is a non-progressive condition, someone with cerebral palsy will not worsen over time. Children with the condition will most likely have to endure physical therapy and have to use medical devices like crutches in order to be mobile. The symptoms someone will experience and the severity of the injury will vary from case to case.

Proving negligence

If your baby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you need to act fast. The state of Missouri has a two-year statute of limitations on any medical malpractice cases.  The timeline starts from the date of the injury. In some situations, cerebral palsy will not present itself right away and might take time for the symptoms to appear. In this case, the statute of limitations will begin on the date the injury was discovered.

Cerebral palsy is a life-changing injury. It could change not only the life of your child forever, but your life as well. Your child should not have to endure a lifetime of pain because of someone else’s negligence. Our cerebral palsy lawyer Kansas City, MO can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call Royce Injury today and seek action against those who acted negligently.

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