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Lawyers for Victims Injured in Car Accidents With Company Vehicles in the Kansas City Area

Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Accidents involving company vehicles in the Kansas City area are not only extremely dangerous as these vehicles are often larger and cause more damage than a normal car, but they can be extremely complicated to deal with.  Whether you were driving the company vehicle or a passenger, or you were hit by a company vehicle, Royce Injury Lawyers can help.  Please call us today at 855-976-9235 to get a free consultation with a company vehicle accident lawyer Kansas City employees recommend.  When dealing with a large company having an experienced lawyer handling complex litigation is a necessity to get the maximum recovery you are entitled to.

What is a company vehicle?

A company or commercial vehicle can be described as a car, van, truck, or bus that is owned and operated by a company that is typically used by employees or agents working for that particular company. Employees use these vehicles to carry out their jobs, transport company equipment, transport passengers, and even be used to transport employees themselves. Much like any other vehicle on the road, they can create collisions that cause others to become injured or even a fatality.

Nowadays, many workers rely on highways to get to and from work everyday. Someone’s life can change in an instant forever in a company vehicle collision. All it takes is a large company semi truck to come at you at a high rate of speed. These trucks typically weigh 20-30 times more than your average vehicle on the road. With such a heavy company vehicle coming at you, unfortunately, anything can happen

Driving or hit by a company vehicle?

Whether you were driving and were hit by someone else, or a company vehicle hit you, there are steps that you should take in order to get off on the right foot of this situation.

There are steps you should take to protect your legal rights if you are hit by a company car or truck:

  • Your Health always is a priority: First things first, if you feel it is necessary, you must seek the appropriate medical attention for any injuries you may have incurred. It is important to remember you should always call 9-1-1 after any accident. The authorities can make sure you receive proper medical attention and will file a police report regarding the accident.
  • Document the accident: If you do not need to be taken to a hospital, document the scene of the collision. Take pictures and videos of everything and anything you see, no stone should be left unturned. Depending on how severe the collision is, there is a possibility that the owner of the company vehicle will send someone out to the collision site to start cleaning up the mess.This is an attempt to hide evidence to appear less liable. If you are not able to document the crash yourself, contact an attorney. An attorney will send an investigator to the collision site immediately for you.
  • Do Not speak to Anyone: There is a strong possibility you will be contacted by the company’s insurance claims adjuster. The adjuster will of course want to protect the company and work on behalf of the company’s interest and not yours. They will be working against you to undermine and minimize the accident claim so the company can appear less liable.
  • Contact a Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney: The company’s commercial adjuster will try to sway you away from hiring a Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney in Kansas City. They know that if you have an attorney on your side representing you, the chances of you receiving a larger settlement goes up. An attorney will protect your rights and will make sure you receive the max amount of compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Who is Liable for a Company Vehicle Accident?

Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees while the employee is actively engaged in performing their job. This is called vicarious liability.  Any action of an employee is an action of the company itself and thus the company is responsible for damages.  If you were hurt while driving a commercial vehicle you may be entitled to not only damages for your injury but potentially workers compensation as well.  However, in rare circumstances, an employer can avoid liability of their employee if the employer can prove that the employee’s actions were outside of the authorized activities of the employer. For example, if a driver uses a company truck to run an errand when they are supposed to be working, the employer can try to avoid liability.  As a victim, you do not want an employer escaping their liability because a company often has higher insurance limits than an individual, and as a victim you want to be able to recover as much as possible.  Escaping vicarious liability can be prevented if you hire experienced lawyers, which is exactly why you should call Royce Lawyers today.

What Can a Driver of a Company Vehicle Accident Recover?

If you were the driver of a company vehicle accident, you are entitled to be compensated by your employer even if the accident was your fault. Unlike an accident that happens in your personal capacity, since you were on the job and injured, at a minimum you may be entitled to workers compensation, and potentially other damages if injured on the job.  However, an employer has no duty to proactively grant you or tell you to apply for workers compensation. If you are involved in any accident it is best to talk to an attorney and determine your rights.  Often large companies and insurance companies try to get victims to settle cases below their value without an attorney.  Do not let this happen to you.

Victim of a Company Vehicle Accident

If you were the victim of a company vehicle accident, recovery can be very difficult as companies will try to blame drivers to avoid liability.  It is imperative you hire an experienced attorney who will hold the company accountable for its employees’ actions.  Company insurance limits are higher than an individual person’s policy and holding the company liable could be worth millions more.

Royce Injury Attorneys will give you a free consultation and answer any questions you have. Call us today if you have been involved in a company vehicle accident in Kansas City at 855-976-9235.

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