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Dental Malpractice Lawyer Kansas City, MO Dental Malpractice Lawyer Kansas City, MO

A dental malpractice lawyer Kansas City, MO victims trust will tell you that when a patient receives subpar care that resulted in further harm, they may be able to take legal action against the responsible party. There are several types of dental injuries and signs to look for should you suspect dental malpractice. Working with Royce Injury Attorneys can help you to identify whether you should take action and help in demystifying the legal process. Contact our committed group of attorneys today to learn more about how we might be of service to you. 

Dental Malpractice

When you visit a dentist or hygienist for a procedure, the likelihood of complications during treatment may be far from your mind. While many are nervous about undergoing dental procedures, most patients trust that they will receive proper medical care. However, you may suffer injuries if you receive care from a dental provider who failed to review your medical history, have an assistant present, or rushed through your procedure. This is likely because the standard of care was not met. This is a primary reason to contact our medical malpractice lawyer in Kansas City, MO. There is a wide range of problems that might occur, including:

  • Nerve injuries
  • Complications with anesthesia
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Extracting the wrong tooth
  • Failure to treat infections
  • Performing procedures without your consent
  • Problems or difficulties with bridges or crowns

If you suspect negligence on the part of your dentist or medical provider, we are prepared to determine whether you have a case. Our team will work to prove that a relationship existed between you and your dentist, that there was a breach in the medical standard of care, and that you sustained injuries or losses as a result. If we are unable to reach a settlement outside of the courtroom, if necessary, we will be prepared to provide you with resources that allow for the best possible outcome through litigation.

Our Commitment to You

Royce Injury Attorneys has more than 30 years of combined experience in managing personal injury cases like yours. Dental malpractice can leave patients experiencing significant issues that include financial losses and incredible physical pain. We are committed to assisting you through a difficult time by outlining a strategy for your case and offering our vast resources to your specific needs. We will be available to you each step of the way so that you are never in the dark about what will come next. Choosing our team to represent you can ensure that your case receives the best possible outcome. We will work tirelessly for you! 

It should come as no surprise that taking legal action can be complicated. When cases involve medical procedures, deciphering medical terminology, and determining where things went wrong can be challenging. Royce Injury Attorneys can provide you with the support you need every step of the way. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Kansas City, Missouri dental malpractice lawyer. 


Our Successes

$6,000,000 Wrongful Death

Settlement to family of wrongful death victim from a collapsed elevator door.

$2,000,000 Medical Malpractice

Settlement for failure to diagnose lung cancer.

$4,000,000 Hospital Malpractice

Trial Verdict for failure to treat diabetic ketoacidosis.