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Distracted Driving Lawyer Kansas City, MO

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Distracted Driving Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Distracted Driving Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Automobiles can be very dangerous when someone who is driving them does not have their full attention to the task of driving. Unfortunately, thousands of people are killed or injured every year just because of distracted drivers. Driving while distracted continues to be one of the most prominent reasons for car accidents across the county. This is why it is of utmost importance that you understand the dangers of distracted driving and the steps to take after if you are involved in an accident.

Kansas City, MO, has registered numbers of car crash incidents since the past. Moreover, as per the survey that distracted driving causes the majority of accidents. Hence, distracted driving lawyer Kansas City, MO, has emerged as a reliable source for legal advice. Drivers tend to ignore the anti-texting laws stated by Missouri State because they find it hypocritical. The lawyers can help you in investigation, assessment, and henceforth reclaim insurance privileges. Innumerous forms of distractions got specified in the Kansas City law book, which only lawyers can prove eligibility.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving can be defined as anything that takes the drivers attention away from being able to fully operate a vehicle. For example, sending a text, talking to someone on the phone, using a GPS system, and eating/drinking while driving are all different forms of distracted driving. Driving while being distracted can lead to a very dangerous and deadly accident.  One of the most common ways someone can be distracted is from their cell phone. It has been studied that when someone either sends or reads a text message, they take their eyes off the road for roughly 5 seconds. This is a long enough time to cover the length of a football field while someone is driving at 55 miles per hour. Being on your phone while driving is one of the most dangerous forms of dangerous driving. It implements the three different types of distracted driving.

  • Cognitive – Taking your mind off driving to focus on your phone.
  • Visual – Taking your eyes off the road to look at your phone.
  • Physical – Taking your hands off the steering wheel to hold and navigate through your phone.

Why Smartphones Are Accused as A Potential Cause of Distracted Driving

Smartphones have become an essential commodity in our life today. These electronic gadgets satisfy almost every day routine. However, as a means to communicate, texting is vital. But the personal injury lawyers are of the view, what’s the reason for texting while driving. Moreover, texting while driving increases the chances of road crash by 23%. Missouri, state law, not the least even road transport has innovative ways to promote road safety, but the public remains ignorant.

Major Causes of Distracted Driving

The usage of mobile phones mainly causes a form of distraction as per personal injury lawyers. While behind the wheel, it is unacceptable if the driver concentrates more on the electronic gadget than the surrounding. The more possibility of accidents occurs to

  • The unfortunate other drivers on the road
  • The innocent pedestrians crossing the road
  • The cyclists plying on the road
  • Or, other users of the road

The accident victims approach Kansas City.MO to fight for justice. However, if they prove successful the negligence of an opponent, they can claim financial compensation. Personal injury lawyers are required to investigate. The forms of the investigation by the lawyers can be on

  • The testimony of the eyewitness
  • Reports of accident from the police
  • Text messages getting sent during the crash

Simultaneously, fifteen points of guilt can be identified by the personal injury lawyer to establish the culprit’s negligence.

Distracted Driving Law of The Kansas City

The distracted driving law stated by the Missouri government covers insurance benefits for the victims who suffer severe after-effects due to distracted driving. Because of texting over cell phones or other electronic gadgets accidents occur. Moreover, individuals below twenty-one years of age are completely banned from texting, while those above the age limit can.  Hence, in case you or your close relatives meet with an accident and are in a state of trauma, it is difficult to claim all the compensations and benefits. It would be wise to seek help from the lawyers of Kansas City, MO. Moreover, these Lawyers would be the best avenues to negotiate on your behalf. The legal expertise of these lawyers would be apt for claiming your deserved compensation.

Why Do YOu Need A Distracted Driving Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Proving that the driver that hit you was distracted upon the crash is not enough to prove fault. In Kansas City, texting while driving is considered to be a traffic offense. The police will more than likely write a ticket for the driver for texting and the driver can plead guilty to the traffic violation.

Distracted driving can and absolutely does cause accidents. However, the victim must prove with no doubt that the distracted driver did something to cause the accident in order to hold the negligent driver responsible for the damages.

For example, if someone driving reaches for something that fell under a seat and ends up driving across the dividing line, resulting in them sideswiping another vehicle. The cause of the auto accident is the driver changing lanes into oncoming traffic. Grabbing for something that fell under a seat could be considered to be negligent behavior and played a factor in the car accident, however, the main cause of the accident was the driver veering into another lane of traffic.

After an accident happens, the victim suffers emotional shocks. The cause of accidents might lead to your suffering a lot. Loss of income, the capability to work, and bills worth dollars might appear devastating. Hence, to get rid of the situation, it would be quite wise to consult a distracted driving lawyer Kansas City, MO, for helping the settlement of the expenses.


Someone driving while being distracted can change the lives of a whole family in only a few seconds. If a reckless, distracted driver has caused you or someone you know an injury, Royce Injury can help. We will provide the legal representation you need, support, and guidance to any accident victims and their families.

For a third party, escalation Car Accident lawyer Kansas City, MO, has a significant role to play. In times of distress, expert involvement in the legal issue is very much substantial. Consecutively given a chance, these lawyers can provide you aggressive means to claim your financial compensation. Contact Royce Injury Attorneys today if you need assistance. We are always eager to help.

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