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When imagining a concussion or other traumatic brain injury, you may immediately think of the immediate and stereotypical signs and symptoms: headache, dizziness, confusion. But these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Traumatic brain injury research has come a long way in recent decades. And the more we learn about head injuries, the more it becomes clear that brain trauma can manifest in a wide variety of ways, and the long-term consequences can be far worse than once believed.

If you believe that your loved one may have suffered head trauma as a result of elder abuse, it is important to speak with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer Kansas City, MO residents trust. Please make this call as soon as you can, as a Kansas City, MO elder abuse lawyer can help you to protect your loved one from additional harm. As you prepare for your consultation with the team Missouri’s Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, consider the following signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries. The more you can tell us about your own loved one’s symptoms and circumstances, the more we can potentially help you to seek justice for the harm that has been done. 

Early and Fairly Obvious Symptoms

In the minutes and hours following a concussion or other TBI, there are certain telltale signs that victims often (but not always) experience. They include:

  •         Headache
  •         Blurred vision
  •         Dizziness and/or balance issues
  •         Losing consciously briefly (several seconds to several minutes)
  •         Confusion or disorientation
  •         Feelings of drowsiness and/or fatigue
  •         Speech problems
  •         Ringing in the ears

If a loved one experiences these symptoms after a blow to the head, they are strong signs that they should seek medical attention immediately.

Less Obvious Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Head injuries can also result in symptoms that are either less obvious or less-well-known. They include:

  •         Sudden changes in sleep habits (sleeping too much or not being able to sleep)
  •         A bad taste in your mouth without an identifiable cause
  •         Loss or reduction in your sense of smell
  •         Issues with concentration and memory
  •         Irritability, anxiousness, depression or mood swings

Several of these symptoms could have an immediate and proximate cause other than brain injury. But if your loved one experiences one or more symptoms and can’t pinpoint a reason for them, a recent head injury may be to blame. It is therefore important to seek medical attention and legal guidance from a Kansas City, MO elder abuse lawyer to address the situation in a comprehensive way. Even if you don’t know for sure whether abuse occurred, it’s important to reach out. It is far better to be safe than sorry when it comes to potential abuse. 

Major Symptoms and Profound Changes

One of the scariest parts about head injuries is that, if severe enough, they can change things about us that we thought were fundamental, such as personality and cognitive ability. Those who experience a severe traumatic brain injury may suffer long-term or permanent consequences, including:

  •         Problems with reasoning and judgment
  •         Issues with impulse control and a propensity toward risky behavior
  •         Extreme mood swings and other personality changes
  •         Involuntary, unpredictable and frequent outbursts of laughing and crying (the Pseudobulbar affect)
  •         Inability to sustain concentration or attention
  •         Depression and anxiety
  •         Difficulty with understanding speech and writing
  •         Negative changes in social abilities

This is just a partial list of the many significant and long-lasting (or permanent) effects of a severe traumatic brain injury. But even the partial list illustrates just how devastating and life-changing head injuries can be.

Get Legal Help Today

If you believe that your loved one may have suffered head trauma as a result of another’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions, you have the right to seek compensation for related medical bills, pain and suffering and many other problems that your loved one is likely to encounter as they recover. Please call our Kansas City, Missouri elder abuse lawyer team today to explore your legal options. We look forward to helping you obtain justice for your loved one.

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