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Elderly Driver Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO

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Elderly Driver Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Elderly Driver Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Sometimes a car accident is no one’s fault. For example, it is a snowy day and even though you are driving slow, your vehicle slides into someone else’s. On the other hand, most car accidents are the result of someone driving recklessly. That negligent driving can cause someone serious injuries or even death. Both results that could have been easily avoidable.

It is very likely that at some point in your life, you will be involved in some form of auto accident. Every year, more than 6 million people are subject to an auto accident, whether it be their fault or someone else’s. Personal injuries are quite common in auto accidents. Especially for an elderly driver. Elderly people are known to be more fragile and therefore more susceptible to injuries from a car crash.

Each year Missouri is facing high rates of mortality due to road accidents that have been perceived by personal injury attorneys. One accident occurs every ten seconds. Death is a rising risk for people between three to thirty-three years of age. Not only this, but seniors are also prone to face car wrecks. Hence, the responsibility of elderly driver accident lawyer Kansas City, MO, has increased rapidly. These attorneys are helping victims of accidents move forward with legal formalities.

Elderly Driver Accident History

A study by personal injury attorney Kansas City suggests that electronic gadgets, mobile phones, and alcohol consumption have primarily contributed to the menace. However, in 2005 traffic fatalities to the range of 33% resulted due to alcohol consumption. Careless ways of driving were also noticed. Distracted and boozing were primary causes of road accidents. Studies made to investigate the reasons that caused the accident shows the negligence of the fundamental obligation of road safety laws.

There are a lot of negative stereotypes about elder drivers. However, a good amount of evidence actually shows that young drivers are better and safer drivers than elderly motorists. A large amount of studies show that the experience, caution, and judgment that comes with being elderly could surpass elderly related declines in vision, reflexes, and cognitive abilities. Advanced age does have the potential to have a negative impact on mental and physical driving ability. However, traffic safety data related to age does show that elder drivers in the United States does not necessarily have a direct impact on auto accidents and fatalities.

What To Do After An Auto Accident

  • Report the auto accident: If needed, call 911 and request an emergency vehicle for yourself or anyone else injured in the accident. Make sure you carefully take notes of any injuries that have happened. Make sure the police arrive on the scene so they can make and file an accident report.
  • Gather Info on the accident: Obtaining information about the scene of the accident is crucial. Exchange information with any and all parties involved in the auto accident. For example, driver licenses info, vehicle license plates, insurance information, contact information. It is also important to mark down the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident. If you do not need immediate medical attention, take pictures of the damages done to your vehicle as well as the other vehicles involved. Pictures of the scene are also important in case the police miss something important.
  • If you do not need immediate medical attention, it is still important to get yourself checked out by a doctor or local emergency room. In many cases, injuries might now show symptoms right after the accident and may cause problems later on.
  • Call An Elder Driver Accident Attorney: It is important to remember that insurance companies are not your friend. If one does call you, it is crucial that you do not provide any statements to the adjuster. Speak to an attorney first so they can guide you in the right direction. Any information you provide to an insurance company can harm your chances of winning your claim.

Initiatives Of Personal Injury Attorneys

These attorneys help elderly victims of road accidents to mitigate legal issues—moreover, aid in estimating the level of injuries. To take care of your family, health, and recovery, personal injury attorney firms expressed their will to survey legal issues as well as jointly work with insurance agencies to resolve the problems.

Cases related to old passenger injuries as well as uninsured drivers, underinsured drivers, are book listed by the attorneys.

If your car remains insured, you are supposed to get insurance benefits. Recent studies suggest that one in five vehicles on the road is not insurance covered.

Underinsured drivers who opt for minimal insurance coverage, if they sustain injuries due to car wreck, their savings could get exhausted on medical bills and treatment. Hence, Woods Law recommends at least 50,000 dollar insurance coverage if the budget permits.

The co-passengers must get insured to avoid any anomaly. The person may be innocent. Hence, driver enlists for insurance coverage for protecting his co-passengers.

Why Opt for Personal Injury Attorney

Missouri region needs a particular liability check issue for recovering damages. Courts require a detailed explanation of the liability of accidents. A personal injury attorney can help in restoring human rights. In case you are comfortable to resolve automobile accident-related issues yourself, you may not need an attorney. However, hiring a personal injury attorney may be useful in various emergencies. Especially when road accidents are rising, experience does matter. These attorneys in the job have experience in dictating laws that might be suitable in real-life situations. In case you hire a trained elderly driver accident attorney, you are allowing a third party to get the legal formalities sorted at your own accord.


Irrespective of age, Kansas City, especially the Missouri Highways, are very susceptible to accidents. There is a sharp rise in mortality cases every year. Most of the accidents result because of careless driving attitudes. As per the study conducted by elderly driver accident lawyer Kansas City, distraction due to mobile, electronic devices, and alcohol, the accidents have resulted. Hence, contact Royce Injury Attorneys today. We, as personal injury attorneys, will be privileged to help you in distress and guide to avail maximum benefits. We look forward to hearing from you.

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