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Facial Paralysis Birth Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO

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Facial Paralysis Birth Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Facial Paralysis Birth Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MOWhen it comes time to childbirth, every parent hopes the birthing process will be successful and lead to a healthy baby. All expectations can change when a birthing injury happens. Lives are changed forever when someone is negligent and causes a birth injury. Parents who go through a birthing injury are often questioning what their life is going to look like moving forward.  Not only is there the possibility of their newborn baby having a long term disability, but a lifetime worth of bills and financial struggles as well. If your child has developed facial paralysis as the result of someone else’s negligence, contact a Facial Paralysis Birth Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO to seek out your options. An experienced lawyer can help you get the compensation your child deserves.

Causes of Facial Paralysis

If a baby is treated roughly during delivery or after birth, the child has the potential to develop facial paralysis. There are many ways that facial paralysis can be caused. Some of the ways include improper use of medical equipment at the time of delivery, shaking the baby, moving the mother around too rapidly or aggressively while she is in labor, or in general any movement or action upon a newborn baby that could be considered to be harsh or aggressive.

In some scenarios, facial paralysis can be avoided by the medical staff deciding to deliver the baby through a c-section surgery. This surgery can happen instead of the child being delivered through a traditional birthing method.

When a doctor uses the forceps incorrectly or uses too much pressure during the childbirth procedure, the baby can suffer nerve damage. Improper use of forceps often is the result of a doctor attempting to speed up the labor and delivery of the baby. A rushed delivery can result in damaged nerves which will cause the baby to have facial paralysis.

Additionally, birthing complications such as extended labors or large babies can also increase the likelihood of a birthing injury. When anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses, or other medical staff use anesthesia or other drugs for the birthing process incorrectly, there can be a negative effect and cause the baby to suffer nerve damage.

In numerous scenarios, facial paralysis is the result of the doctor or medical staff acting negligently. In other situations, facial paralysis can be the reaction of a birthing trauma or a difficult delivery. However, In most scenarios, facial paralysis can be an avoidable type of birthing injury by knowing when the baby will have a hard time making it through the mother’s birthing canal. It is not common that it happens on its own, only in rare cases. There is a possibility that the baby affected might need to go through physical therapy to help restore its face or the facial muscles that were damaged. In most facial paralysis cases, there is also the chance that the nerve will heal itself within a few months and the child will be able to restore function to its face.

In more severe cases that the nerve does not ever heal properly, growing up, the child might not be able to recover full function to the affected areas. Not having a properly functioning face can lead to further trauma later on such as emotional trauma. Facial paralysis for life can be a side effect of worse case scenarios.

Facial paralysis is a life-changing birthing injury. It could change not only the life of your newborn baby but your life as well. Your child should not have to endure a lifetime of pain and suffering as the result of someone being negligent. Our Facial Paralysis Birth Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO can help you get the compensation you and your child deserve. Call Royce Injury Attorneys today and seek action against those who acted negligently.

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