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Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO

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Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO

It is unfortunate that auto accidents happen on such a regular basis, that our society has had no choice but to accept them into our daily culture. If someone has not been in a serious auto accident, they can not possibly understand the gigantic impact it can have on someone’s life. The impact can range from a person’s ability to work, take care of themselves or others, use limbs properly, and overall enjoy what we consider to be a normal life.

Careless and reckless driving cases are widespread in every city. When an accident occurs, it is generally associated with troubles and compensation. It is essential to select the best failure to yield accident lawyer Kansas City, MO, to attain proper and reasonable compensation.

Laws Related to Driving

Every city has its traffic rules that are well explained to the people when they give their drivers tests for getting a license. According to failure to yield accident lawyer Kansas City, MO, many people forgot all such rules after some years and happened to play with the lives of the people. The laws are a bit complicated, and the penalties regarding them depend on the act and the damage. Some of such cases fail to yield proper expenses.

Some Reckless Driving Scenarios

Many circumstances involve careless or reckless driving. The major ones are:

  • Distracted Driving: With the increasing popularity of cell phones, texting devices, and musical devices, many drivers are distracted and finally lead to some severe accidents and criminal offenses.
  • Fast Driving: Many drivers try to save their time to reach their destination by driving beyond the speed limit. They forget the weather conditions and the city or streets that are crowded with people. Ultimately such drivers land themselves and other people in trouble. Not following traffic signal lights also comes in such categories.
  • Fail to See Hazards: There are also some cases where the driver forgets to wipe their window panes or leave some visual obstacle hanging on the windshield and thus prevents themselves from seeing the hazards that lie on the road ahead. Such kind of fault is also the responsibility of a driver.

Common Injuries Caused by Failing to Yield

  • Spinal Cord Injury: The spinal cord in our body is an essential pathway for our brains to communicate with other parts of our body. If someone has a spinal cord injury, they usually are going to require extensive rehab as well as ongoing medical care for most of their life. More times than not, they are bound to a wheelchair and have the possibility of requiring 24-hour care from a nurse. The bills from medical treatment are often very high. Since medical treatment is something that will need to be ongoing, the bills will continue for the rest of that person’s life.
  • Brain Injury: Brain injuries and head trauma are commonly found in accidents involving a failure to yield. If someone hits their head on a windshield or window on the side of the vehicle with a large amount of force, it is possible for them to experience a brain injury. An example of this is if the vehicle’s brakes were suddenly slammed and someone lunged forward and hit their forehead very hard. The front of your head has your brain’s frontal lobe. Hitting the front of your head can rattle your brain enough to cause a frontal lobe injury. A brain injury such as this can change someone’s life forever. Common side effects are anger and emotion control, judgement needed for social relationships, depression, and even a complete personality change. Brain injuries caused by auto accidents can be quite dramatic and life changing.
  • Broken Bones: This type of injury is more commonly found in a serious auto accident. However, someone failing to yield, can also result in broken bones or fractures. A broken bone or fracture injury can typically range in treatment from needing no treatment to splinting, needing a cast, or even surgery to install hardware to place and hold your bones together. Broken bones might not seem like a big deal, but they are. In some cases, physical therapy will be needed inorder to improve the victims strength, mobility, and function of the bone. Fixing a broken bone can be as easy as putting on a splint. However, in more severe situations, the victim could have lifelong problems such as reduced mobility, arthritis, reduced strength, and even a long term disability.
  • Bulging and Herniated Disks: The human spinal cord is a column that consists of a series of tiny bones called vertebrae. Between each one of our vertebrae, there are little cushions in the form of a disk that separate and protect each one of the vertebrae. A failed to yield accident can rattle and cause damage to one of the discs causing it to move out of position and bulge out or herniate. If someone has a damaged disc, the disc will continue to press onto a nerve, and cause the victim to be in a lot of pain. Oftentimes, disc injuries can be treated with some simple medication, physical therapy, or steroid injections into the spine. When dealing with more serious disc injuries, the victim could need surgery to realign the discs.

Fatalities Caused by Auto Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, within the last four years, the United States has experienced a 12% increase in deaths caused by an auto accident. It is no secret that many auto accidents are now caused by the increase in distracted driving and people driving at high speeds. Based on driving statistics, texting while driving is just as dangerous, if not more, as driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

In 2016, Missouri experienced 945 fatalities just solely from auto accidents.  Compared to the rest of the county, this is towards the higher end of the scale. If you have been injured or a loved one has lost their life because of another driver’s negligence, an experienced attorney can help get you the compensation you deserve for the loss of their life.  A failure to yield attorney in Kansas City, MO can help you with your case and establish liability from the negligence of the other driver failing to yield.

A death that is caused due to the negligence of such driving calls you to perform civil action. It is easier to calculate the damage caused by such drivers. One has to calculate the cost of medical expenses, funeral charges, and economic loss of the family. Apart from this, some other damages are difficult to estimate, such as loss of future income, pain, and suffering of the family, and finally, the emotional cost. It is good that the family who bears such loss gets counseling and makes themselves emotionally stable.

On the other hand, it is also essential to be healthy and preserve their rights to obtain the necessary and full compensation.

Need for an Experienced Lawyer

Over the decades, failure to yield accident lawyers Kansas City, MO are experienced in dealing with such cases and have also provided satisfying compensation to their parties. They know all the rules and regulations regarding insurance companies and thus can help you a lot. Many such insurance companies try to pay a lesser amount and sometimes even hire a lawyer to protect their money. A good lawyer should know how to deal with such a situation.

So, unfortunately, if you are one of those who are dealing with such reckless or drunk driving accidents, make sure you follow all the above-mentioned procedures and try to achieve your full compensation as it is your right. Contact the office of Royce Injury Attorneys today to learn more.

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