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Head Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are referred to in a variety of ways. Brain injuries and head injuries are family common and accurate alternative terms. Euphemisms, such as “getting your bell rung,” are falling out of favor as Americans continue to learn just how devastating (and not funny) traumatic brain injuries are.

Whatever you call them, it is important to understand the most common head injury scenarios so that you can protect yourself and your children. It is also important, in the event that you or someone you love has already suffered a TBI, that you connect with a brain injury lawyer Kansas City, MO residents trust. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the harm suffered, you may be able to work with the Kansas City, MO head injury lawyer team at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC to seek compensation for your family’s situation. Recovering from head injuries tends to be an expensive process. If the head trauma in question was caused by the negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions of another, you may have cause to file legal action in order to seek financial damages that will place you in a better position to receive the care that you or a loved one needs right now and into the future. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Kids

Children are both at high risk for experiencing brain injuries and at high health risks associated with the brain injuries themselves. Statistics show that more than 500,000 children (ages 0-14) are taken to hospital emergency rooms each year to be treated for TBIs.

Some of the most common causes of TBI in children include:

  •         Falling
  •         Playing contact sports
  •         Motor vehicle accidents
  •         Child abuse (which is the most common cause for kids under age 4)
  •         Being struck by something or against something

While children tend to be resilient to many types of injuries (skinned knees, broken bones, etc.), brain injuries can be especially dangerous precisely because the brains of children are still developing. As such, a severe brain injury suffered during childhood could impair learning and memory and stunt academic development. In the event that a child suffers a TBI as a result of another’s actions or inactions, their parents can work with a Kansas City, MO head injury lawyer to file a related legal claim. 

Head Injuries in Older Adults

Among adults aged 65 and older, the most common cause of traumatic brain injury is falling. While this might result in a mild TBI for younger individuals, it can be serious or life-threatening for older victims. In fact, those age 65 and older are the most likely to be hospitalized and to die as the result of a brain injury.

Along with falls, seniors may suffer head injuries due to:

  •         Car accidents
  •         Physical abuse (including elder abuse)
  •         Being struck by an object
  •         Many other scenarios

For older adults who live alone, a traumatic brain injury can be especially dangerous because there may be no others around who can assist a victim who has fallen, monitor the victim for behavioral/mood changes and other symptoms, or call for emergency help if the victim cannot do so. This is true whether an older individual lives in the city or rural Missouri. 

Every Age Is at Risk

The young and the elderly face unique risks associated with traumatic brain injury. But truthfully, this is an injury that can and does impact Americans of every age. Depending on the severity of the impact and any complicating factors, the consequences can range from mild pain and confusion to serious cognitive impairment to death.

It is critical that all of us take head injuries seriously and ensure that we seek medical attention and legal guidance from a Kansas City, MO head injury lawyer if we have reason to suspect a mild concussion or anything worse.

Have You Been Injured? Contact a Head Injury Lawyer.  

Our firm is proud to represent victims and families of victims who have suffered brain injuries resulting from the negligence or intentional actions of others. We can help you seek damages for the many costs associated with TBIs, including medical bills, therapy, lost work time/wages, pain and suffering and reduced enjoyment of life.

To learn more about how our Kansas City, MO head injury lawyer team can help you seek compensation and justice, call us to schedule a free initial consultation today. 


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