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Kansas City Highway Accident Lawyer

Highway Car Accident Lawyer Kansas CityRoyce Injury Attorneys are the highway car accident lawyers for Kansas City.  Interstate 70 is a major artery for the United States and Kansas City, a gateway to the west.  This hub leads to high a traffic volume with cars and trucks traveling at high speeds through the area. Sadly, high speeds and heavy traffic, especially with lots of out of state vehicles that do not know the area well, leads to a high volume of highway car accidents in Kansas City, and lots of serious injuries.

The car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO trusts at Royce Injury Lawyers, will assist you with any accident occurring on an interstate or highway in the Kansas City area, or anywhere throughout Missouri.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Law Firm

When you are the victim of a serious highway car accident, obviously it is important to have experienced lawyers who have seen all scenarios and have deep pockets to fight for your case to the fullest.  Lawsuits are expensive with costs such as experts, consultants, doctors, and investigators. The firm you hire must be willing and able to put significant money into your case to win. If you hire a small firm, they can be quick to settle because they do not have the resources to fight billion-dollar insurance companies.  Additionally, you should choose a firm that is convenient to you. Does the firm make you come to your office, or does the firm come to you, or get you started instantly over the phone?

Missouri Interstates are Vast

Missouri has seven interstates covering almost 1,400 miles, 5th nationally. Interstate 70 is the largest and busiest interstate connecting Kansas City and St. Louis. Additionally, there over 33,000 miles of state highways, the 7th most highway miles ranked nationally. With so many miles, out of state drivers, and drivers going between major cities, it creates a lot of opportunities for accidents.  From 2016-2018, the Missouri Department of Transportation reports there were over 2,800 fatalities on Missouri roads with an additional 14,300 seriously injured persons. 61% of vehicle drivers killed were not wearing their seat belts.  Tens of millions of drivers drive these roads each year creating an enormous amount of potential accidents. You cannot prevent an accident from happening to you, but by wearing your seatbelt you can significantly reduce your chance of death or serious injury.  Additionally, by driving the speed limit, and constantly monitoring other drivers you can reduce the chances of an accident, or serious highway car accident from happening to you.

Factors that Determine the Seriousness of Car Accidents on Kansas City Highways

Interstate and highway accidents tend to be the most dangerous and deadly car accident a driver can have.  The number of cars on the road combined with the speed of travel can turn even a minor accident into a major incident if it occurs on a highway.  Even the most skilled drivers, driving at excessive speeds can cause serious injury. Have you ever seen a NASCAR accident that was not serious?

  • Speed – The faster a vehicle is traveling the harder it is to stop, and the more impact it creates upon striking an object.
  • Dodging – Additionally, the faster a vehicle is traveling the less reaction time a driver has to decide to brake, dodge or swerve out of the way of an object or other impediment.
  • Driving Conditions – Wet, slick, and icy roads create driving conditions that are not optimal for avoiding accidents.
  • Safety – Lastly, not all vehicles are created equal. Each automobile is generally only tested to survive speeds of 30-35 miles per hour, and they all have different features such as air bags, and some are more sturdy than others. A fuel-efficient car generally gives you a lot less protection than a truck.

How Royce can Help After a Highway Accident

The moment you contact Royce, we have it handled. Our team will not only show the compassion needed when initially making the first step to talk about a traumatic accident, but our attorneys begin working your case to determine liability, damages, and payors so we can get you the maximum recoverable amount as quickly as possible.  We recognize being injured is only half the battle.  Worry about paying everyday bills when you aren’t working, or when you have lost your job adds a level of stress not needed when trying to recover from physical injuries.

Our attorneys, staff, medical professionals, and investigators will:

  • Gather all police reports from the Kansas City Police, Missouri State Police and any other investigating party
  • Order all medical bills and records from hospitals, medical centers, trauma centers and treating physicians
  • Consult with accident re-creation experts and other professionals as needed
  • Subpoena all necessary records
  • Demand from insurance companies’ payment
  • Sue all parties who do not meet our demands

Contact Kansas City’s Experience Highway Accident Lawyers

Tollway, interstate and highway car accidents in Kansas City can lead to serious and life-changing injuries and fatalities.  If you or a loved one have been involved in a Kansas City highway accident, call a law firm that is experienced in helping highway car accident victims.

Royce Injury Attorneys has an experienced team of Missouri and nationwide motor vehicle accident lawyers and litigation experts ready to fight for you and get you every dollar of financial compensation you deserve.  We can also handle motorcycle accidents, motorcycle highway accidents, truck highway accidents, and any injury received while driving your car.  Call us now for a free consultation at 855-976-9235.

Our Successes

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Settlement to family of wrongful death victim from a collapsed elevator door.

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