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Kansas City Left-Turn Car Accident Attorneys

Kansas City Left-Turn Car Accident Attorneys

A large percent of car accidents in Kansas City occur when a driver is making a left-hand turn across incoming traffic.  Royce Injury is your Kansas City left-turn car accident attorneys.  Left-turn car accidents are so prevalent because they require a driver to not only monitor traffic signals, vehicles coming at them, but also monitor crosswalks for pedestrians and bicycles.  Even a driver who is not distracted, can still not see traffic, misjudge a turn, or plainly just not see a pedestrian that walkarounds a corner, and can cause a severe accident including death.

The Kansas City car accident lawyers at Royce Injury fight for victims of left-turn car accidents, in addition to all kinds of car accidents in Kansas City and throughout Missouri.  Our experienced attorneys have years of dealing with car accidents, putting our clients in the best position to recover the highest compensation possible for their injuries from negligent left-turn car accidents.

Like all our Kansas City area auto accident clients, we do not charge a dime until we win your case.  Contact a car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO recommends at 855-976-9235.

Frequency of Left-Turn Accidents Kanas City

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association), over 60% of accidents that occur while crossing or turning into an intersection, happen when drivers are turning left.  Additionally, these left-turn accidents are involved in over 20% of all accidents.

Reasons for Left-Turn Car Accidents

  • Distracted Driver – With the increased prevalence of not only phones, but other electronic devices like touchscreens in cars, and other handheld devices, drivers are distracted at a much higher rate than any time in history.
  • Improver Observation – A lot of left-turn car accidents in Kansas City happen because a driver did not survey their surroundings properly to make sure it was safe to turn, checking for incoming traffic, pedestrians, and proper traffic signals.
  • Judgment – Like anything, humans make errors, and a lot of accidents are caused by drivers thinking they had enough time or space to make a turn, when they did not.

With most car accidents there are contributing factors such as weather, car mechanical issues, or driver fault like driving too fast. However, with left-turn car accidents most of these accidents happen to a driver not paying attention or misjudging they had time to turn.

Risks to Left-Turning Vehicles

Vehicles making a left-turn are usually at fault for car accidents in an intersection or crossway, as generally, the incoming car has the right-of-way.  The incoming car has a claim against the left-turn driver.  The left-turn driver that is struck often does not have any claim for damages, despite being at a high risk for serious injury or even fatality from a left-turn accident as they are often struck hard by an incoming vehicle and the left-hand turn driver is often stationary or moving slowly.  Most of these accidents are T-bones where the incoming car strikes the left-turn driver in the mid-section of their car, creating a “t”.  In these accidents, passenger side front and passenger side back drivers are at a significant risk of injury.  Passengers in a left-hand car accident can recover from the driver of the vehicle if the left-turn driver is at fault, which almost always is.

Risks to Motorcycles

In accordance with statistics done by the government, nearly 75% of all motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. More times than not, the other vehicle is a regular passenger car. In roughly two-thirds of these kinds of accidents, the reason for the accident is the vehicle violated the right of way of the motorcycle.

Unfortunately, many drivers are more aware of the other large passenger or larger commercial vehicles sharing the road with them. Drivers might not pay attention to motorcycles when making a left turn because they tend to be smaller than the average vehicle. This can be dangerous for motorcycles because unlike a pedestrian or someone riding a bike, a motorcycle will use the same lanes and travel at a high speed.

In a different study, the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) showed that the most common reason for a motorcycle accident involving a left turn is that the other driver either did not see the motorcycle or saw the biker too late to be able to do anything. In that same study, the NTIS determined that a motorcycle accident is most likely to be caused by someone making a left turn. When someone does not see a motorcycle and makes a left turn, it makes up 42% of accidents involving a motorcycle.

Risks to Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Motorcyclists from Left-Turning Vehicles

While a driver making a left-turn is at risk of getting T-boned in an intersection, they are generally not at as a high of risk of injury as their passengers, incoming drivers.  However, those victims at most risk to left-turn car accidents are innocent bystanders walking or riding by, or persons on motorcycles.  Missouri law states that drivers must yield to pedestrians, so when these accidents occur the left-turn driver is almost always at fault for the accident.  Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists struck unprotected and often completely unaware are not bracing for an impact and often left with serious injuries, including being run over and even dragged down the street by the left-turn driver.

Risks to Incoming Drivers in Left-Turn Car Accidents

When two cars collide in a left-hand car accident, often the at-fault left-hand driver suffers significantly less injuries than incoming drivers.  Incoming drivers often crash head on to a vehicle. The drivers go from moving at speed to zero instantly. This causes these drivers to suffer whiplash, and blunt force head trauma hitting their heads on airbags and steering wheels.  Most car accidents carry the same risks to drivers but left-turn negligent drivers are at less risk of injury.

Who Is Held Liable?

With many auto accidents happening when a driver makes a left turn, most likely, the driver of that vehicle will be the one who is at fault and was negligent. However, that might not always be the case. There are situations in which the other driver might be the one at fault.

Generally, the rule of thumb is that the driver that turned left is more likely to be the one responsible for the accident. However, there are some exceptions. A driver who made a left hand turn might not be held responsible for the accident if the other person was:

  • Speeding – This could be difficult to prove if there are no witnesses around to see. A negligent driver speeding through an intersection could be held partially responsible for not following the posted speed limit.
  • Running a red light – If the driver going straight breaks a traffic law by ignoring the light signaling to stop, then that driver could be held liable for causing the accident by breaking the law.
  • Unexpected circumstances – A situation like this could be along the lines of an animal, person, or bicycle, suddenly appearing into the road without warning. This would cause the driver to stop abruptly.

How Vehicle Damage Can Help Establish Fault

The damage the vehicles incur during the accident could help establish who was negligent because damage will show where each of the vehicles was hit.

For example, if driver 1 is going straight and driver 2 makes a left turn in front of driver 1, then driver 1 will likely swerve to the right to avoid hitting the other driver. If driver 1 collides with driver 2, then driver 1 will likely have damage to the left front corner or left side of the vehicle. This would show that the driver attempted to avoid the collision by swerving. Driver 2 will likely have damage to the front right corner of their vehicle showing that the driver was not paying attention and drove into traffic.

If the damage to driver 2’s vehicle is on the rear right corner of their vehicle, it could show that driver 1 was not paying attention.

How Royce Injury Can Help with a Left-Turn Car Accident

Getting an accident is not only mentally and physically painful, but dealing with insurance is draining, and can worsen the injury. Hiring an experienced law firm will not only take away your stress, but make sure you get the full recovery you are entitled too.  Our attorneys will:

  • Get all medical records
  • Order police reports
  • Document and photograph the injury scene
  • Hire consultants and experts

Hire an Attorney Today for Your Left-Turn Car Accident in Kansas City

If you or a loved one are the victim of a left-turn car accident in Kansas City or Missouri, please reach out to an attorney right away.  Royce Injury has the experience to get you the money you deserve. Call today at 855-976-9235 for a free consultation.

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