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Kansas City Parking Lot Car Accidents

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Kansas City Parking Lot Car Accidents

Attorneys for People Injured in Kansas City Parking Lot Car Accidents

Kansas City Parking Lot Car AccidentsLeaving your car in a crowded parking lot, always comes with a bit of anxiety when walking back to your car, hoping not to find a scratch, dent or ding, and no note.  There is additional risk or danger of being backed into or sideswiped by a car pulling in or out of a parking space. This risk is not only an issue for your car, but you personally when walking by cars that may not be looking or paying attention when pulling out.  The issue with these accidents is that not only do they often take place on private property where police won’t often respond, there is usually not a guilty party to be found, and damages are often so low that most attorneys will not take your case.  Royce Injury helps people injured in Kansas City parking lot car accidents.  Call today for a free consultation, 855-976-9235.

What Should You Do When There is Kansas City Parking Lot Car Accident?

A car accident in a parking lot should be treated like any accident.  Gather as much information as possible including the driver’s name, phone number, driver’s license number and insurance information.  Write down all information such as time, car make and model, and grab any witness’s personal information as well.  Call the police, even if there only damage to your vehicle. The police might not respond but you have a record of your attempt. Request an ambulance and seek immediate medical help if you are hurt in any way.

If you were involved in a hit and run parking lot accident, try to gather as much information as possible.  Try to identify any witnesses to the accident, getting their names and phone numbers.  Document your vehicles damage with photographs of your car, and the immediate area.  Try to locate any cameras pointed at your car that may have taped the incident.  Call your insurance company.  File a police report. Contact a car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO drivers trust.

Bystanders Hit By A Car In a Parking Lot or Garage

While most car accidents in parking lots or garages involve minor car damage between two vehicles, when a pedestrian is involved, the accidents are often serious or fatal.  A majority of fatal back up accidents occur in garages.

If you are injured in a Kansas City parking lot accident, make sure you:

  • Call an ambulance or seek medical attention immediately
  • Call the police
  • Call your insurance company
  • Document the accident by taking phots
  • Gather witness information

Tips to Avoid Parking Lot Car Accidents

While nothing can protect you from car accidents, you can try to avoid them as much possible through a few simple tips:

  • Drive slowly in parking lots.
  • Ensure all car mirrors are aligned to give you as much guidance as possible.
  • Use your car’s technology like beepers and cameras, instead of relying on your vision.
  • Park away from cars when possible.
  • Park in a spot that only has cars on one side.
  • Park in pull-through spots making it easier to leave.
  • When walking through a parking lot, look for brake lights.

Recovering Damages From A Kansas City Parking Lot Car Accident

Unfortunately, if the only damage your received in a parking lot accident is to your vehicle, usually the best course of action is to make a claim through your insurance.  However, you should still call an attorney just to make sure there is nothing that can de done.  The same holds true for accidents where there was a hit-and-run and you have no one to hold accountable.

However, if people were injured in a Kansas City parking lot car accident, you should call an attorney.  An experienced motor vehicle car accident attorney will not only handle all aspects of the case from getting medical records and police reports, to referring you to the best doctors, and they will also help you recover the maximum amount of compensation available to you.  Call an experienced attorney at Royce Injury today at 855-976-9235.  Get a free consultation and only pay when you win your case.

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