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Kansas City Self-Driving Car Accident Attorneys

Kansas City Self-Driving Car Accident AttorneysThe future is coming faster than we realize.  Almost every major car and technology companies in the world are racing to dominate the self-driving vehicle market.  We are the Kansas City self-driving accident attorneys to help those injured by a self-driving vehicle.  Not only is this technology new, but so is the law surrounding these vehicles. Who is liable for accidents self-driving cars are in is still up for debate.  An experienced motor vehicle attorney in Kansas City is needed to handle these claims as they will have to help create new law and fight some of the largest companies in history.  The Kansas City self-driving car accident attorneys at Royce Injury are already thinking through these issues and preparing for the inevitable fights ahead.

Self-Driving Cars Are Already on the Road

Most Americans think self-driving cars are more fiction than reality, relegated to science fiction movies. However, the reality is much different.  Tesla’s autopilot technology allows drivers and passengers in their car to travel to destinations with minimal interaction beyond typing in their destination, confirming every few minutes to their vehicle they are paying attention, and requiring the driver to drive around stop signs and lights.  This functionality on highways is completely self-driving.  Uber is testing out self-driving ride shares in various parts of the country. The driver is only present in the driver’s seat per the law and takes no actions.  Additionally, there are already self-driving semi-trucks on the roads and being tested through the county.  Not only would this be a huge disruptor or hundreds of thousands of professional drivers’ jobs, but the risks of a self-driving semi-truck injuring a party is a scary thought.

The list of companies involved in creating autonomous vehicles is growing daily but includes:

  • Google
  • Uber
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Tesla
  • Ford

In addition to fully self-driving vehicles, there are other technologies that can create issues, such as hands-free driving technology. People injured in self-driving car accidents Kansas City should talk to an attorney immediately.  Royce Injury helps people injured in self-driving car accidents, and all other car accidents throughout Kansas City and Missouri.  Call us today for a free consultation at 855-976-9235.

Uses of Self Driving Cars

As technology advances for self-driving cars, the prevalence of their use will increase as well. The uses of these vehicles can be easily recognized, but as time goes on, their uses will include activities we are not even thinking of today.  As you can see for this list below, the uses of self-driving vehicles on the road is vast, and the number of people injured by self-driving vehicles is going to grow exponentially.

Planned uses of self-driving cars:

  • Taxi and ride shares
  • Everyday driver usage
  • Delivery of goods and services via semi-trucks
  • Food Delivery
  • Package delivery. Amazon has begun to test the delivery of packages via drones.

Who is Responsible for a Person Injured in a Self-Driving Car Accident in Kansas City

In a car accident, usually, the driver who negligently caused an accident is responsible for compensating the victim, and this is usually paid out by driver’s car insurance.  However, in self-driving car accident, the driver is a computer, who is taking actions that an algorithm has determined to be its safest course of action.  Ethical questions begin to come into play here, such as should a programmer tell an algorithm to save the driver and its merchandise, the most people, or try to save the youngest person?  These are all decisions that happen in a split second and all are done without emotion.

Taking out the ethical question, there becomes real legal questions.  When a driver’s self-driving car causes a car accident, how can we say the driver was at fault because they were simply sitting in the vehicle as an owner or driver? Is the company that programmed the vehicle at fault? These cases will get exceedingly complex involving insurance companies, car companies, technology companies, and even some trade and advocacy groups that will be interested in their litigation.  These cases will be some of the most complex motor vehicle cases ever litigated, but also potentially the most lucrative as the big technology companies have the most money, but also the most money to fight a case.

Experienced Attorneys Are Needed for People Injured In Self-Driving Car Accidents in Kansas City

Royce has experienced attorneys that only handle motor vehicle car accidents, including self-driving car accidents.  Our attorneys have the experience and financial resources to fight the largest companies in the world to help our clients recover the maximum compensation they deserve.

If you were in an accident with a self-driving vehicle in Kansas City or anywhere in Missouri, give yourself the highest level of success by hiring the right car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO recommends. Royce Injury offers all clients a free consultation and you do not pay anything your case is won. Call us today at 855-976-9235 to right for your rights.

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