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Lyft Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO 

If you were recently in an accident while riding in a Lyft, you may need the help of a Kansas City, Missouri Lyft accident lawyer. Using rideshare companies to get a “lyft” around town is becoming more and more common practice. If you’re out with friends and realize you’ve had too much to drink, you can use the app and get a Lyft to get you home. Lyft drivers can drop you off at the train station, get you to work on time when public transportation is jammed, or pick you up at any other time you need. On occasion, Lyft drivers can even help out with other needs. If you lock your keys in the car on one side of town, your partner or roommate can call a Lyft to deliver your spare keys to you.

Most Lyft drivers are careful and complete each ride safely. However, the roads aren’t always free of careless drivers, and so accidents involving Lyft vehicles are all too common in Missouri and around the country. When a ride-sharing accident occurs, it’s important to connect with an experienced Kansas City, MO Lyft accident lawyer as soon as you can to better ensure that your rights are protected and your legal options are preserved. The best Kansas City, MO Lyft accident lawyers understand the ins and outs of each case and can manage the often-overlapping or competing insurance policies involved.

Like its biggest competitor, Uber, Lyft carries auto insurance for its drivers and passengers. However, it’s important to know what that insurance does and doesn’t cover in the wake of an accident. If you’re injured as the result of a Lyft accident, there are three kinds of coverage to be concerned about: liability coverage, uninsured or underinsured coverage, and no-fault coverage. 

Lyft only carries liability coverage, which is used to protect other drivers from an accident caused by a Lyft employee, and uninsured/underinsured coverage, to protect you if you are struck by a driver who has no insurance or poor insurance. The policy limits for both policies are one million dollars each. This does not mean that you can automatically receive a million dollars after an accident, or that Lyft will always cover claims; rather, it means that there is up to a million dollars of potential coverage to cover any claimants. Just like most insurance companies, the company that insured Lyft, York Risk Services, will try to avoid paying for damages if it possibly can. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to have an experienced Kansas City, MO Lyft accident lawyer acting as a strong advocate on your behalf at every step of the claims process. 

Most of the time, Lyft’s policy with York Risk Services will not include no-fault coverage. No-fault coverage is an important benefit that can sometimes be accessed in order to defray short-term medical costs and lost wages. If you are injured in a Lyft accident, you should immediately speak with a Kansas City, MO Lyft accident lawyer about whether you might be able to use your own personal auto policy’s no-fault benefits. Depending on your jurisdiction, it might be to your advantage, or it might not be, so getting good advice from an attorney is critical.

If you’ve been injured in a Lyft accident, make sure that you don’t speak to representatives of Lyft, York Risk Services, or any insurance companies until you’ve spoken with the team at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC. Take photos and document everything, but don’t sign anything until after you’ve had a chance to speak to our legal team. That way, you’ll know your interests are being served as the legal process gets underway in the wake of your collision.

Being Hit By a Truck While in a Lyft

As a passenger in a Lyft, you expect the driver to drive well and maintain control of the vehicle. This is true for anyone you get into a car with and especially with ridesharing services, you know they do this for a living. That said, just because you are in a Lyft, that does not mean you are not prone to getting into accidents. However, the accident may not be the fault of the Lyft driver. What can you do when this is the case? If you have been a passenger in a Lyft and are suffering from injuries after a truck hit the car, what can you do? The Lyft accident lawyer Kansas City, MO residents trust wants you to know that you have legal options. You may be wondering who you should file a claim with under these circumstances: the Lyft driver or the truck driver?

It All Comes Down to Negligence

Instead of automatically thinking that the Lyft driver was the one at fault (you may just be happy that you were not the one driving), you should focus on who was negligent when the accident occurred. Our attorneys know that especially when you are in a Lyft, it can be confusing trying to figure out who is to blame. That said, we would determine who is negligent just like we would for any other type of truck or car accident: by looking at the facts. 

All drivers owe each other a standard of care when it comes to getting behind the wheel of the road. If your Lyft driver was paying attention to the road, driving carefully, and obeying the law when the accident occurred, it is unlikely that they were being negligent. If, however, the truck driver broke this duty of care by being distracted, speeding, or driving while under the influence, they failed to uphold this duty and caused the accident to happen. When this is the case, you and your attorney would likely avoid filing a claim with Lyft’s insurance (or the Lyft driver’s personal insurance) and instead focus on filing a claim against the truck driver. 

What kind of compensation can I get from a truck driver in a Lyft accident?

There are different kinds of compensation you could expect to get in an accident like this, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of income
  • Future loss of income
  • Disability

This is not an exhaustive list, but just some of the ways you could expect to get compensated after a truck-Lyft accident. 

If you have been injured by a truck driver while you were a passenger in a Lyft, please reach out to the Kansas City, Missouri Lyft accident lawyer from Royce Injury Attorneys LLC to see how we can help you with your legal claim.

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