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Multicar Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Car accidents happen on a daily basis and can be quite dangerous. When a car accident happens that involves more than 2 vehicles, there tends to be more damage and is oftentimes more catastrophic than if only 2 vehicles were involved. Multicar collisions are usually caused by a single negligent driver that results in a chain reaction of other cars to be involved as well. Each year, auto accidents rank among some of the most dangerous and deadly accidents in the nation. Numerous people every year are involved in auto accidents and end up suffering from serious and disastrous injuries, and even the possibility of wrongful death due to car accidents. If you are involved in a multicar accident caused by a negligent driver, you should seek justice. Having to deal with litigators from the other drivers’ insurance companies can be extremely complex and exhausting. Especially if you are not familiar with this side of the law. If you do not understand the law, an insurance company might try to take advantage of this and try to lowball you a settlement so they do not have to pay as much leaving you not to be able to cover the full cost of the accident. Having an attorney on your side that knows the law can greatly reduce the stress and exhaustion from the accident. If you or a loved one have been involved in a multi car accident, a multicar accident lawyer in the Kansas City area can help you with your troubles and help get you the compensation you deserve.

In order to win a case, there needs to be clear liability from a negligent driver.  In order to  prove liability in a multi car accident situations, the following conditions must be clear and  present:

  • The driver had a duty to exercise reasonable caution on the while driving on the road
  • The negligent driver who caused the accident did not fulfill the duty of exercising full and reasonable caution while driving
  • The actions of the negligent driver caused other parties to sustain injury or even wrongful death

Even though car accidents are such a common thing, part of the accident involves the stress and difficulty of determining fault or negligence. The driver at fault will likely have to take care of the financial aspects of the burden if the case does go to court. If negligence was a factor in the multicar accident, it is a possibility that criminal charges could be involved.

When involved in a multicar accident, it is very common to see serious and fatal injuries be the outcome. Multicar accidents are usually the result of one of the following four negligent behaviors from drivers.

1)Distracted driving

2) Aggressive driving

3) speeding

4) Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Multicar accidents can cause serious injury and financial burden to several people involved. Due to the fact that multiple parties are involved, they can be very costly and stressful with having to deal with multiple insurance companies. All parties involved in a multicar accident have the high possibility of seeing large medical bills, lost wages due to injury, the possibility of permanent injuries, and costly future medical care are all possible outcomes that happen from a sideswipe.  This is why it is important to contact a multicar accident attorney in the Kansas City area to help you with your case. Please call one of our multicar accident lawyers in Kansas City for a free consultation at 855-976-9235.

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