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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Tulsa, OKBeing the most experienced nursing home abuse lawyers in Tulsa, we could help you if you trusted a nursing home to take care of a family member and got hurt. 

Nursing homes are supposed to be a caring community for the elderly. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is very common across the country. Some of it is carried out by family members and other caregivers. Most of it however is done by licensed nursing homes. It involves the mistreatment of aging or disabled residents in a nursing facility and the abuse can take on many forms:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the ‘non-accidental use of force’ against the residents in a nursing home or assisted living facility which could result in injury, pain, or disability. This includes hitting, slapping, pushing, burning, or hair pulling. 

Emotional Abuse

Not all abuse is physical. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging to the resident. It involves the ‘willful infliction of mental or emotional anguish’ through threats, intimidation, or humiliation. 

Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately, a lot of nursing home residents are subject to sexual abuse by their caregivers. This kind of abuse involves any ‘non-consensual contact of any kind’ including improper touching by a caretaker. 


Physical or emotional abuse doesn’t always have to include actions. In many cases, it is defined by inaction. Active neglect is when a caretaker intentionally does not execute their responsibilities to care for a resident. This includes withholding food or water, depriving them of medical care, and abandonment. 

Neglect can also be passive. This means the ‘non-willful failure’ to undertake caretaking responsibilities like forgetting to give a resident their medication or daily prescribed baths. 

Financial Exploitation 

A lot of the elderly folks are targeted for financial exploitation. This may involve stealing, forging records, or even in some cases, transferring the resident’s property. 

There is no excuse for nursing home neglect and abuse. If someone you know and love has been victimized in any way, you can count on the best nursing home abuse lawyers in Tulsa to help you out. We will pursue the compensation you deserve on your behalf to secure money for past, present, and future medical expenses, pain, and suffering caused, emotional distress, moving to a new facility, and loss of enjoyment of life. 

It can however be very challenging to get the money you deserve from a nursing home facility that is actively trying to shield its abusive practices from the public eye. They are always quick to deny any responsibility and are happy to shift the blame on the victim or their family. Insurance companies are also on their side and will do everything they can to drive down the value of your claim. 

In cases like this, your best bet is to have a qualified team of attorneys who are experts on nursing home abuse law by your side. Our legal team knows how challenging and tough times like these can be and the emotional toll it takes on a victim and their family members. We would like to fight on your behalf so you could spend the time recovering. 

You will benefit from our vast experience and proven track record when it comes to cases like these. We will do everything we can to hold the nursing home accountable and get you compensated. You can trust our nursing home abuse lawyer Tulsa, OK at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC. to help you get the representation you deserve. Call us now for a free case review!

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