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Nursing Home Clogged Breathing Tubes Lawyer Kansas City, MO Nursing Home Clogged Breathing Tubes Lawyer Kansas City, MO

In our world, our elders members of society tend to be praised and looked up upon. We see them as an inspiration that have spent their lives helping us learn and grow by providing us with their experiences and wisdom.  Since they were there for us, we want to see our elders thrive and be healthy.  Unfortunately, when someone does get older, the more likely they are to become sick and frail. In many cases, some of the medical conditions that elders incur prevent us from being able to take care of them within our homes.

Our nursing home clogged breathing tubes lawyer Kansas City, MO families rely on knows that when a loved one requires a breathing tube, they will need professional medical care and support. This is the primary reason many families choose skilled nursing homes to care for their loved ones. Breathing tubes are essential for many patients to get much-needed oxygen to their bodies. While it’s not uncommon for a breathing tube to become clogged with debris such as mucus and saliva, the proper course of action must be taken by nursing home staff to ensure that the breathing tube is cleared to prevent injuries and even death from occurring. At Royce Injury Attorneys, we know that you will have several questions, which is why one of your first calls should be to our team.

What is a clogged breathing tube?

When you place your trust in a nursing home to take care of a family member, you fully expect that nursing facility will provide the best care possible for your loved one’s advanced age and sicknesses. This is the sole purpose of a nursing home and their legal duty to do so. Part of the legal responsibility is to prevent their residents from choking and having breathing problems if the resident requires a breathing tube.

A breathing tube is essential for many patients to ensure that they receive oxygen to their airways. A trach or breathing tube must be kept clean and sterile and monitored for signs of infection. Additionally, when a breathing tube becomes clogged or blocked, nursing home staff must be diligent in clearing the airway properly. Breathing tubes can become clogged with food and other secretions, obstructing the airway. When this occurs, and the patient is not promptly tended to, the damages can be catastrophic. Patients might experience a lack of oxygen to the brain, resulting in cardiac arrest, brain damage, and even death.

Common Injuries Caused By Clogged Breathing Tubes

Intubation can be a very complex and dangerous process. Breathing tube complications can happen at different points such as setting it up, ongoing maintenance, and removal. Some of the most common risks and injuries that occur while using a breathing tube are:

  • Oxygen deprivation (hypoxia).
  • Brain damage.
  • Lung damage.
  • Fluid buildup.
  • Choking incident.
  • Scarring/bleeding.
  • Throat/nasal aggravation.

How will nursing homes care for patients with breathing tubes?

When choosing a nursing home for your loved one, it will be essential to select a facility equipped with the experience and knowledge to provide respiratory and ventilator therapy. If a nursing home and its staff are not providing proper planning and care to patients, the results can be incredibly damaging. Nursing home staff should adequately monitor the patient’s breathing tubes by checking for respiratory issues, monitoring vital signs, and appropriately responding to problems as quickly as possible. If you believe nursing home staff were negligent, it will be essential to reach out to our nursing home abuse lawyer in Kansas City, MO, for guidance.

How can I prove that the nursing home was negligent?

Making sure a breathing tube does not become clogged should be a top priority. In order to do so, the staff at the nursing home should be trained appropriately to take certain precautions. For example, the staff needs to make sure the tubes are suctioned regularly to remove any mucus from the lungs of the user. In some situations, the tube must be reinstated into the body after being removed. Some of the residents might have forms of dementia or other illnesses that can cause agitation. In cases like that, it is possible the resident might need to be sedated or restrained in order to make sure that they do not remove their own breathing tube.

Failing to provide the necessary care in connection with any breathing tubes could fall under neglect and in some situations, it could be considered to be elder abuse. If a resident using a tube becomes injured or dies because of any inappropriate maintenance of the breathing tubes there will be problems. You could be able to sue the nursing home for breach of contract, statutory violations, or negligence. For example, the nursing home has a duty to its residents and their family members to properly train staff members in charge of maintaining the residents’s breathing tubes. Which would include cleaning and regular maintenance to make sure they are working properly so the user can continue to breathe. If the nursing home fails to train the staff members how to properly handle breathing tubes, it could result in the tube becoming clogged and causing the patient to die. This will likely be considered negligence and be a wrongful death situation.

Should it be in your best interest to take legal action, you and your lawyer will be responsible for proving that the nursing home was negligent and failed to uphold their duty of care. Evidence will play a critical factor in a successful case and might include medical records outlining the patient’s condition and medical charts. Witnesses may even play a key role in supporting the claim. In some cases, we might recommend an expert witness helping to decipher medical information and proving your case.

What are damages that might result, and how should I take action?

If you have a valid case for nursing home negligence, your loved one will be entitled to damages that could include economic and non-economic losses. Damages are a way of assigning value to the losses that have been experienced. Examples of economic and non-economic losses include medical expenses, nursing home costs, pain and suffering, and more.

Contacting Royce Injury Attorneys for Help

When you choose a nursing home to care for someone you love, you fully expect that they will provide them with competent and reliable care. You want the person you love to receive the best care possible. If someone you love has been injured due to negligence in a nursing home, Royce Injury Attorneys is available to help you. For more information, contact our Kansas, Missouri, clogged breathing tubes nursing home lawyer.

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