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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Kansas City, MO

A pedestrian accident lawyer in Kansas City, MO at Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC understands that winding up hurt can alter the course of your life drastically. You may find yourself out of work for an extended period or unable to return to your regular job duties at all. All of this may leave you with a mountain of medical debt and a shortfall in your bank account.

A personal injury lawsuit for a pedestrian accident may be the best way to recover money after being hit by a careless driver; however, you may find yourself facing an uphill battle. How can this be? There are some pitfalls you should avoid during a legal proceeding. As your pedestrian accident lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri may inform you during a consultation, social media is just one thing that can harm your case, even if you prove you have an injury. Discover these three ways oversharing online may negatively impact your case:

  1. Pictures 

Personal injury claims, such as pedestrian accidents, can get discredited when the injured party is caught doing activities they claim they can no longer do because of the injury. Many times, the insurance company will conduct surveillance on you to try and catch them in a physical act. Things like mowing the lawn, unloading heavy bags of groceries, or working on a vehicle may all prove that the injury is not severe. When you post pictures online to your social media account, you run the risk of them being used as evidence against you in court.

  1. Status Updates 

Being out of work because of a pedestrian accident injury may mean you have some free time. While it may be the perfect opportunity to do some traveling or visit friends and family, you must remember this is not a vacation. You are out of work because you were hurt, not because you took a vacation.

Posting status updates about what you are doing or who you are with may come back to bite you in front of the judge. It also may also show that you have more money than you claim, putting your chances of compensation at risk. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Kansas City is likely to suggest refraining from status updates entirely.

  1. Comments on Friends’ Posts

Your social media account may be private and, therefore, difficult to find. However, as your Kansas City, MO pedestrian accident lawyer from Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC may tell you, this doesn’t necessarily mean all of your friends lock their accounts down. When you comment on someone’s picture or post, and their profile is public, anything you say becomes discoverable. Watch out for picture tags as well. These will all become admissible in court. Even if your profile is set to private, the insurance company may ask the judge to make you produce your history.

The best thing to do in any lawsuit is to refrain from social media. While you may think something is innocent, remember that it can all be taken out of context and used against you. Ask our legal team what other steps you should take to ensure you are not hurting your case. Contact Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC today to speak with a MO pedestrian accident lawyer. 

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