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This page is a guide – a compendium of useful information for you to reference and bookmark.

At Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, personal injury law is all we do. Whether you’ve been hurt on the job, had an auto accident, nursing home injury, or experienced medical malpractice, you can count on our attorneys and investigators to work for you.

In the past five years, our office has collected more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements for people like you. All of the cases are handled on a contingency fee basis where there is never a legal fee charged until there is a recovery for you. Our Kansas City, MO injury law firm looks forward to serving you throughout Illinois.

If you suffered an injury in a Kansas City, MO car accident, your life probably feels upside down. What can you do to restore a sense of order and coherence to your world? How should you deal with the physical, emotion, and financial pain? How might the insurance process—and, potentially, the legal process—play out? What are the best practices?

Here’s a quick summary of what we will cover. First, we explore the costs of auto accidents. Next, we’ll classify types of crashes and examine common root causes. This information is not a diagnostic tool, but it can help you think more clearly about your own case. Our Kansas City, MO car accident lawyers explain what to do (and what to avoid doing) after an accident. Then we’ll segue into a guide to Illinois car accident law. Finally, we’ll surface and address common Kansas City, MO car accident injury FAQs on this topic.

Illinois Car Accident Statistics
Per official Illinois government figures, in 2016 alone, the state witnessed 324,473 car accidents, including 1,000 fatalities. 347 of the fatal wrecks involved improper safety belt usage; and 173 of these involved drivers with suspended or invalid licenses. 8,053 crashes in the state involved a collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Economic Devastation Related to Automobile Accidents
The big picture perspective is astonishing. NSC estimates suggest that, in 2016, accidents in the United States led to $413.8 billion in damages, including loss of life and productivity.

There’s more. The average liability claim made against insurance policies for property damage as a result of a car accident topped $3,200 a few years ago. Doubtless, the number is even higher today. Meanwhile, the average insurance claim paid for medical treatment resulting from injuries caused in car accidents was $15,443 during the same time period. But insurance companies only pay about 50% of the total cost of car accidents. Injured victims are forced to cover around 26%. Think about that. (The responsible party, healthcare providers and charitable organizations pay most of the remainder.)

The economic implications go beyond the drivers. It is estimated that those who are not involved in auto accidents pay for 75% of the cost of car accidents through health and car insurance premiums and taxes.

Meanwhile, drunk driving is an adjacent, catastrophic problem. DUIs and DWIs account for roughly 20% of car accident-related economic loss. In 2010, drunk driving resulted in costs exceeding $44 billion nationwide. Again, that number is no doubt even higher today.

A Classification System for Illinois Car Accidents
Most can be grouped into just six categories based on the cause and potential consequences. They include:

  • Single Vehicle Crashes
    For instance: a driver loses control of her vehicle and exits the road due to inclement weather, or she collides with a building or object while trying to avoid an accident with another vehicle. Passengers in these crashes may suffer severe injuries for which the driver can be held legally accountable. Owners of damaged property can get compensation for their losses as well.
  • Accidents at Intersections
    Drivers often misjudge distance and the approaching speed of oncoming traffic. They run red lights, fail to yield to others and operate vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many crashes are T-bone collisions, which place the driver or passenger at greater risk due to an impact from the side. Modern vehicles are designed to distribute the force from a front or rear impact away from the driver or passenger, but a collision from the side can cause severe trauma or death. Accidents at intersections have the potential to become multi-accident events. The force from the first collision can send one vehicle into another and create a chain reaction of collisions.
  • Rear-End Crashes
    Causes include tailgating, not braking quickly enough, and losing control due to inclement weather. The force often throws the victims’ bodies forward and then backward. Symptoms of traumatic brain injury or whiplash may not present immediately.
  • Low-Speed Impacts
    Accidents occurring in parking lots, side streets or as vehicles back out of their driveways may involve speeds under ten miles per hour. However, these can still be jarring enough to cause injury and damage vehicles. It is tempting to just trade insurance information and go on your way, but document the accident, take pictures of the accident scene, and undergo a precautionary medical evaluation.
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents
    Large vehicles include charter buses, delivery vehicles, and large semi-tractors. If a commercial driver violated traffic or work laws, the trucker can be held liable. It is the responsibility of employers to screen their employees, however, if the trucker has a reckless driving history or repeated violations, the employer may share responsibility for the accident. Bus and truck companies are notorious for cutting corners and forcing their drivers to shoulder the responsibility for maintenance. If mechanical failures and poorly maintained equipment contributed, the party responsible for maintaining the vehicle can share liability. The manufacturer is often considered liable in the event that commercial vehicle equipment failure or defects cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Side Swipe Accidents
    Sideswipes often occur when drivers merge into traffic or change lanes without checking their blind spots. The damage can vary in degree, depending on the speed and angle of impact. These accidents can cause a chain of events if one vehicle is pushed into another and a vehicle spins out of control at high speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my Legal Options if I am Injured in an Auto Accident in Missouri?
    • Any person injured in an auto accident in Illinois may pursue the at-fault party to recover for his or her physical or emotional injuries, as well as property damage.
    • Examples of economic damages include anything tangibly related to a loss, including costs for an ambulance; emergency room treatment; appointments with specialized physicians; physical therapy; surgery; lost income; handicapped accommodations to home and vehicles; property damage; attorney’s fees; and car rental expenses.
    • Non-economic damages can include compensation for punitive damages; pain and suffering; disfigurement; emotional distress; loss of normal life; and loss of society, in the case of a fatality.
  • Can I Settle my Car Accident Case in Missouri, or do I Need to File a Lawsuit?
    • Victims in Missouri can recover without ever setting a foot in a courtroom.  Most car accident cases in Missouri are settled without filing a lawsuit.  Filing a lawsuit is the last resort, as our attorneys at Royce Injury Lawyers are usually able to get you the money you deserve by negotiating with the insurance company of the responsible party.
  • How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit if I was in a Car Accident in Missouri?
    • Almost all accidents have a statute of limitations, which means after a certain period of time you can no longer sue the responsible party for an injury that happened.  Memories and evidence fade the longer they are from the time of the accident, statute of limitations are meant to protect the integrity of the legal system and the defendant.  Statute of limitations are an important part of our legal system, but they almost never prevent a plaintiff from recovering from their injury if they take action right away.  In Missouri the statute of limitations for a car accident is five years. That means as long as you file a lawsuit before 5 years from the date of the accident you will be fine.  5 years is a long time, but at Royce Injury we recommend you talk to an attorney immediately after an accident. Despite the 5 year rule, the longer you wait, the harder and harder your case becomes, and less likely you are to recover money.
  • Does Illinois Require Drivers to Have Insurance?
    • Illinois requires all drives to have up to date car insurance.  In fact, only 2 states in the entire nation do not require car insurance.  Unfortunately, the minimum coverage required by states vary and can be as low as $10,000. Minimum coverage means how much the insured drive must at a minimum have in insurance.  A $10,000 minimum means the insured driver’s policy would pay at a maximum only $10,000.  That may seem like a lot of money, but by the time medical bills and repairs are paid, there is often nothing left.  Minimum coverage is a bad thing. Luckly, the attorneys at Royce Injury are very good at holding additional parties responsible to get you the maximum recovery. For example, for every case we evaluate if there was another responsible driver, defective car, or an outside factor that caused the accident.
  • What Needs to be Proved to win a Car Accident Case in Missouri?
    • To win a car accident case in Missouri, the victim needs to be able to prove there was someone that was at fault.  An at fault driver or defendant is someone that caused an accident by their negligent or careless actions.    In some cases, there is no one at fault, or defendants can try to blame the victim or other parties to get out of their obligation.  This is why anytime you are in a car accident you should talk to an attorney to not only see what your rights are, but to prevent a winnable case from becoming a losing case.
  • How Much Money is my Car Accident Injury Case Worth in Illinois?
    • An accident injury case in Illinois value depends a moslty on how good your attorney is.  There are several factors that help determine a car accident case value such as the amount of medical bills, time off work and the value of the defendant’s insurance.  However, a great attorney will be able to get you above and beyond your case value by leveraging their years of experience to negotiate a higher amount, find additional insured parties, or even turn your case into a product liabilities case where you can sue billion dollar companies.

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Types of Car Accidents:

  • Rear-End Crashes
  • Head-On Impacts
  • Hit-and-Run
  • Intersection Accidents
  • Rollover
  • Left-Turn

Car Accident Injuries:

  • Broken Bones
  • Burns
  • Joint Injury
  • Paralysis
  • Fatal Injuries

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