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A quick ride on a motorcycle can boost adrenaline; it gives you a sense of freedom and puts you in control. This is one of the many reasons why motorcycles have been a popular form of commute since they were invented in 1885. However, in the modern world, riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous activity.

In 2019, motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of 5,014 people in the country. According to the data shared by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, more than 2100 motorcycle accidents were reported in the Kansas City area in 2016.

Why Trust Us With Your Motorcycle Accident Claim in Kansas City?

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need a qualified, experienced, and skilled motorcycle attorney like the ones at Royce Injury Attorneys to be by your side. Our legal experts will help you file a personal injury lawsuit and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Our motorcycle attorneys are dedicated to getting the best possible results for our clients. With years of experience fighting for and protecting the legal rights of our clients, we can help you get compensation for your pain and suffering, mental anguish, property damage, and other damages you may be entitled to.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Before filing a claim, you should know the common types of motorcycle accidents to determine which category your case falls under:

  • Lane splitting: Lane splitting is illegal in the US. If an accident occurs due to a motorcyclist riding in between slow or stopped traffic lanes, they can be held accountable for it.
  • Head-on collisions: As the name suggests, this type of motorcycle accident involves a head-on collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle.
  • Excessive speeding: When a rider drives above the legal limit outlined according to the road and weather conditions, they’re at a higher risk of harming themselves and others. High-performance motorcycles driven at high speeds can also cause road accidents.
  • Intoxication-related accidents: Drunk driving is a crime and a leading cause of motorcycle accidents in the country. According to reports, 33% of motorcycle-related deaths were caused by a drunk rider or rider. 
  • Corner turning accidents: It can be difficult for motorcyclists to maintain balance when turning, especially when the road conditions aren’t ideal. Accidents that occur as a result are known as corner turning accidents.

How Can Royce Injury Attorneys Help You With Motorcycle Accident?

Besides being highly skilled at what they do, our motorcycle accident attorneys are kind and compassionate individuals who’ll actively listen to you and treat you with care and respect.

We have a team of motorcycle accident attorneys who’ll work together on your case to ensure you don’t have to struggle to get by. With their expertise and combined experience of over 30 years, our motorcycle accident lawyers have managed to win our clients 75 million dollars in settlements and verdicts.

We make sure our clients don’t accept a lowball settlement offer from insurance companies. Call us if the insurance providers are pressuring you into accepting compensation that is less than what your case is worth.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents in Missouri

While each case is different, the standard insurance requirements in Missouri are $25,000 for bodily Injuries of one person, $50,000 for bodily Injury of all persons involved in an accident and $10,000 for property damage. However, in some cases, the insurance companies can use deceiving tactics and force you to accept lower compensation.

Hence, working with an experienced and qualified motorcycle accident attorney can pay off in this case as they are trained to negotiate and fight for higher compensation.

Our Top Motorcycle Crash Settlements

We go above and beyond to help our clients. With our hard work, commitment, and attention to detail, we’ve managed to win over $75 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients in personal injury cases and wrongful death litigation. We continue to break records with top personal injury settlements in Kansas. Our experts managed to win $6,000,000 in wrongful death litigation for the family of a wrongful death victim from a collapsed elevator door.

We continue to help our clients win significant compensation for personal injury and loss of a loved one during a motorcycle crash incident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you or a loved one has been recently injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s natural to have many questions regarding the legal path to take to receive compensation. Here are some frequently asked questions about motorcycle accidents and their answers: 

What to do after a motorcycle accident?

What you decide to do right after the motorcycle accident in Kansas can determine the fate of your motorcycle accident injury claim. You or your motorcycle accident lawyer will have to collect evidence from the site, identify the party at fault and file a claim before Missouri’s deadline. You should hire a motorcycle accident attorney from the start to raise your odds of getting fair compensation. Here’s what you should do after the accident:

  • Get someplace safe and call 911
  • Leave your helmet and safety gear on
  • Exchange information, including contact details with the other party
  • Take photos and collect information about any witnesses and bystanders (if you aren’t severely injured and can manage to do this)
  • Go to the hospital and get a complete medical examination done
  • Contact a qualified and reputed motorcycle accident attorney

Do I have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle?

All persons under the age of 18 years are required to wear a DOT-approved helmet while riding a motorcycle. However, those over 17 years can choose to forgo their helmets. 

Should I hire a lawyer for a motorcycle accident?

Yes. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you determine the right course of action to take after a crash. They’re skilled and experienced professionals who’ll ensure you get fair compensation for the damages you suffered.

What is the law for a Missouri motorcycle accident?

According to the laws for motorcycle accidents in Missouri, you have five years to file a personal injury claim in the state. You’ll no longer be able to pursue compensation for the case once this deadline has passed. Under tort law, you may get compensation for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, and medical expenses, among other forms.

Free Consultation With Royce Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

We have a long history of protecting the rights of victims of personal injury cases. At Royce Injury, we understand how devastating a motorcycle accident can be for the victims and their families who may have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Hence, our mission is straightforward: we want to treat every client with respect and dignity and work incredibly hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Our Successes

$6,000,000 Wrongful Death

Settlement to family of wrongful death victim from a collapsed elevator door.

$2,000,000 Medical Malpractice

Settlement for failure to diagnose lung cancer.

$4,000,000 Hospital Malpractice

Trial Verdict for failure to treat diabetic ketoacidosis.