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A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer at Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC can imagine the difficult decision it can be to place an elderly loved one into a nursing facility. When an aging relative begins to show signs that they are no longer able to take care of themselves, family members may wonder whether a nursing home is the next step. Unfortunately, while we hope that nursing home staff provide only the kindest and most professional care possible, this isn’t always the case. Tragically, nursing home abuse happens more often than people want to know about.

In fact, neglect and mistreatment in nursing homes has become a leading issue across the United States. Statistically, for every incident of abuse in a nursing home that is reported, there is an estimated five cases that go unreported. The behavior that can occur in these facilities is beyond contempt, and the facility should be held accountable. 

If you have a suspicion that your elderly family member isn’t being treated well in their nursing home, then it’s time to have a Lawyer for Nursing Home Abuse at Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC help investigate further. 

Examples of Elder Abuse

Physical abuse is the most common form of elder mistreatment in nursing homes. However, as your Lawyer for Nursing Home Abuse may explain, they can also be abused emotionally, financially, and sexually. If you have observed a change in your loved one’s health and demeanor since transitioning into a nursing home facility, you may want to look into the situation to see if something could be awry.

Signs that are often associated with physical abuse in a nursing home entail broken bones, bruises and cuts that can’t be explained, torn or blood clothing, and other mysterious symptoms. Emotional abuse can include:

  • Humiliation
  • Ignoring the patient intentionally
  • Yelling or making threats
  • Isolating the patient from others
  • Refraining the patient from participating in activities
  • Mocking the patient
  • Behavior that causes the patient to feel fear 

Other Signs of Mistreatment

Here at Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC our team of Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers take incidents of elderly abuse in nursing homes very seriously. Sometimes, abuse can be tricky to uncover, especially if the staff and facility make attempts to hide mistreatment from visiting family members.

After seeing peculiar symptoms and signs of abuse of your loved one, you may have asked them whether they are being mistreated, and they may have responded no. Sadly, your family member may be too afraid to say anything out of fear of worsened abuse. Sometimes it takes intervention from a legal professional to truly find out what could be going on behind closed doors. 

If you witnessed any of the following signs of mistreatment, then you shouldn’t wait any longer to get help from a Lawyer for Nursing Home Abuse: 

  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Dehydration/malnourishment
  • Mood swings and emotional outbursts
  • Refusing to take medication or eat
  • Soiled clothes
  • Dirty bed linens
  • Bleeding around genital/anal area
  • Bloody undergarments
  • Bruises (particularly in areas that are hidden by clothes)

In Summary

Senior citizens have earned the right to kind treatment, great care and our utmost respect. Senior citizens often are put into nursing homes that look perfect from afar, but do not offer this level of care for the ones we love. Has your relative moved into a facility and developed bed sores? Has your loved one commented about tough living conditions? If so, how can you solve the problem, give them the care they deserve, and seek justice? Our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers from Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC can help.  We have represented hundreds of abused clients, earning them millions of dollars, while helping ensure these abuses don’t happen to others.

Our lawyers not only get your loved one the help and support they deserve, but we hold these corporations accountable for their neglect and injury. Of course, our goal is to get compensation for your loved one, but by holding these facilities accountable for their behavior, our firm hopes to save lives too. In this way, we can improve the care of all our most vulnerable loved ones.

Call us today so we can explain the common injuries, with their symptoms and signs to look out for. Command respect and control the next steps for your loved one. Reserve your free consultation with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer at Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC today. 

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