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Postal Vehicle Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Attorneys For People Injured in Car Accidents With U.S. Postal Vehicles in Kansas City

Postal Vehicle Accident Lawyer Kansas CityPeople injured in car accidents with U.S. Postal vehicles in Kansas City face more complex legal issues when it comes to determining liability and receiving compensation.  Unlike a car accident in Kansas City involving a citizen where the negligent driver is personally liable for damages, a government employee is generally immune to lawsuits.  Governments are protected by the doctrine of sovereign immunity which essentially protects city, state, and federal governments, and their employees from being sued.  At its core, this doctrine makes sense to prevent lawsuits related to governmental policy decisions, however, when it comes to liability for negligent acts, it makes less sense.  Lawsuits involving any governmental body are extremely complex and it is a must to hire an experienced law firm to deal with filing lawsuits under the Federal Torts Claims Act.  Royce Injury’s attorneys are experienced in all kinds of car accidents in Kansas City and all over Missouri.  Call us today for a free consultation with a Postal vehicle accident lawyer Kansas City recommends.

Car Accidents With U.S. Postal Vehicles Differences

In a normal car accident, the victim has the right to sue the negligent driver, and usually recovers compensation from the driver’s insurance company. However, governmental employees are immune from being sued, so you cannot sue the driver and recover from their insurance company.  Instead, you have file suit against the governmental agency that employed the negligent driver.  The government has a different statute of limitations, time limits that you can bring a suit against a party, than normal drivers so time is of the essence.  With time and complexities against you, it is important to talk to, and potentially hire an attorney, very quickly in injured in a car accident with a U.S. postal vehicle in Kansas City.

Once you file a claim against the government for compensation, the government will accept your claim, deny it, or provide an amount of compensation they determine is fair.  If the claim does not cover all damages, a driver then has six months to file a lawsuit against the government.  This is an extremely limited amount of time to file a claim, so for this reason its best to have an attorney file the initial claim so they have all the records available to file a lawsuit if needed.

There is an exception to sovereign immunity.  If a governmental employee was acting outside of their capacity, they can sometimes be sued individually and in addition to the government.  For example, if a U.S. postal worker used their vehicle to run a personal errand after work, and injured someone in their U.S. postal vehicle, they may be personally liable for the damages.

Next Steps For People Injured In Car Accidents with U.S. Postal Vehicles

On the bright side, governmental bodies have more money than anyone, so if you are injured by a U.S. postal vehicle, and you win your case you will get paid. However, these are very complicated matters due to governmental immunity.  Hire an experienced car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO trusts to handle all motor vehicle accidents.  Call Royce Injury today at 855-976-9235.

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