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Rental Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Attorneys for People Injured in Auto Accidents with Rental Cars in Kansas City

Rental Car Accident Lawyer Kansas CityAnyone who has rented a car has been through the pressure tactics of a rental car employee trying to get you to use “their insurance.” While getting into an auto accident with a rental car in Kansas City is the last thing on your mind as your trying to get through the airport and on your way to your vacation or business trip,  the reality is these kinds of accidents are frequent.  Statistically, you are more likely to get in a car accident in a rental car than in your own car.

Whether you or loved one was seriously injured, or merely dinged up in a rental car accident in Kansas City, it is in your best interest to talk to an attorney right away. Not only may you be entitled to compensation, but an experienced attorney can refer you to the best doctors for your specific injury, and they can handle all the stresses of a car accident, like dealing with the rental car company, hospitals, and your insurance company.

Royce Injury helps people injured in auto accidents with rental cars in Kansas City and in Missouri statewide.  Call today for a free evaluation with a rental car accident lawyer Kansas City trusts to see what your rights and potential compensation are.  All our representation is free until we win your case. Call us today 855-976-9235.

Why Do More Accidents Occur in Rental Cars?

Upon getting a rental car, it is always a good idea to check the car for damage, so the rental company will not attribute any damage to you. It is amazing, that almost every car that is rented has some form of damage.  There is no concrete evidence why rental cars are in more accidents than normal cars, but there are several theories.  The most obvious theory is that drivers are driving a new car that is unfamiliar to them, so the driver is not used to driving the car.  Along with that, people speculate that since someone renting a car usually is not from the area, the drivers are referring maps and GPS guidance more, leading to more distracted driving.  Additionally, a lot of times people on vacation rent SUVs or cars bigger than they are used to driving to carry all luggage, adding additional challenges to turning, parking, and changing lanes with more blind spots.  Lastly, we at Royce speculate a lot of accidents happen because drivers just do not care as much as about a rental car as their own car so they are willing to drive faster, break harder, and in general just don’t treat their car like its their own.  Less responsible driving can lead to a lot more accidents.

Do I need Supplemental Insurance for My Rental Car?

In short, as long as the rental car driver has their own personal car insurance, the driver usually does not need to get supplemental insurance.  However, each driver should check with their insurance to make sure they are covered.  Credit card companies often also provide rental car coverage if a driver uses their card to pay for the rental car. Check with your credit card company before renting a car.

Are Auto Accidents with Rental Cars Complex Cases?

While a driver may not need to get supplemental car insurance, that does not mean people injured in auto accidents with rental cars in Kansas City have straight forward cases to receive compensation.  Rental car accidents tend to be complex because rental car agreements can be intentionally vague, burdensome, and overreaching; there can be multiple parties involved who have potential liability like the driver, the victim, the rental company, insurance, supplemental insurance, and even the credit card company. Multiple parties may have a duty to pay, like the car insurance and credit card, and they will fight who has to pay, further complicating matters.  Lastly, rental car accidents are often problematic because the victim is often not local to the area causing them to have to seek medical treatment far from home, potentially recover away from home, and make it difficult to litigate an issue when the victim may live thousands of miles away.  Due to the number of parties involved, filing claims are generally more complicated than a normal car accident.

Royce Injury has represented clients in all kinds of rental car accidents, including claims against:

  • Dollar
  • Sixt
  • Alamo
  • Budget
  • Avis
  • Hertz
  • Enterprise
  • National
  • Thrifty

Steps to Take When in a Rental Car Accident:

  • Call the police
  • Seek medical attention
  • Call the rental car company to seek guidance
  • Call all applicable insurance companies or credit card companies

Hiring an Attorney for People Injured in Car Accidents with Rental Cars in Kansas City.

Renting a car is not quick or easy. Hiring a car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO trusts should be. Royce strives to not only provide the best representation to our clients as possible, but we make it super simple to get help.

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If you have been in a car accident with a rental vehicle in Kansas City or anywhere in Missouri, call Royce today.  Our experienced attorneys will tell you what to do, take over the case, and put your mind at ease. Get a free case evaluation today. Call Royce Injury Attorneys at 24/7 at 855-976-9235.

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