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Can I sue my Employer for a Workplace Injury?

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Work Injury Lawyer Kansas City

Work Injury Lawyer Kansas CityMany workplace accidents take place every year resulting in severe physical and mental harm. These accidents of the workers since taking place under the employer’s care, civil law instructs that the employee is under workers’ compensation. Worker’s compensation covers many injuries taking place during employment. But any kind of injury or accident caused by the negligence of another employee should be held accountable. Workers’ compensation payout is usually poor and may not cover all the expenses. This is when work injury lawyer Kansas City plays his/ her role.

Protection from a workplace injury

Many people spend the maximum amount of time in their workplace. So it is not unusual to suffer any kind of injury or accident at their job. Medical expenses, partial backup of income loss, and coverage for permanent injuries are taken care of by the workers’ compensation. When the negligence of a co-worker contributes to the incident, they should be held answerable.

Most workplace injuries are preventable. They mostly take place due to ignoring safety protection, taking shortcuts or completing a task by a not properly trained employee. The employer is at responsible in such cases. Kansas City work injury lawyer will examine your case carefully and will leave no stone unturned to give you the maximum protection.

Types of work injuries

An employee can experience any kind of injury while working. Some of them consist of:

  • Chemical burns: Chemical burns are one of the most common workplace injuries that take place. It can cause serious injuries and long-lasting pain.
  • Loss of sight: Employees working in manufacturing are more prone to eye injuries at work. Exposure to harmful chemicals, blistering or burning can also result in loss of sight at the workplace.
  • Broken or fractured bones: This is another common injury that takes place at work. It can happen due to carrying heavy objects or equipment or fall from a height. Workers suffering from this type of accidents will often face long roads to recovery.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injury takes place due to repetitive stress, slip or fall or lifting incident. In some cases, injury can be minor but most of the time it needs long term medical treatment.

The nature of these type of injuries can be frightening. The life of the victim is completely changed and on top of that, the burden of hospital bills and change in lifestyle can be devastating. In this hard situation, you need an attorney whos familiar with the laws related to the work injury. A workers’ compensation lawyer Kansas City trusts can help you to recover the maximum compensation.

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Work injuries can leave a huge impact on a person with lots of queries in mind. If you or your family members have faced such incident or have any questions regarding this then we are here to help you out. Our lawyers at Kansas City have profound knowledge and experience in their field to assist those who are in need. So don’t waste a moment and reach out to Royce Injury Attorneys today.

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