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Can you sue a surgeon for messing up a surgery?

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Surgeon Malpractice Lawyer Kansas City MO

The aftermath of a surgical procedure is almost always disorienting. After regaining full consciousness once your anesthesia has worn off, you likely won’t remember much, if anything, of what your body went through while you were in surgery. However, you know your body best. And if you’re experiencing pain that isn’t ordinary post-op pain, if you’ve contracted an infection, or if you’re simply suffering and your physicians can’t fully explain why it may be time to seek professional legal guidance.

It may initially seem silly or even alarmist to approach a Kansas City, MO surgeon malpractice lawyer with questions when you’re not sure whether the harm you’re suffering is occurring because something went wrong during surgery. But rest assured, you’re not being irrational when you schedule a consultation with a surgeon malpractice lawyer Kansas City, MO residents trust. Why? Because it isn’t always easy to know whether something went wrong in the operating room or not… especially if you were unconscious during surgery and your physicians are speaking in vague or otherwise suspect ways about why you’re now suffering in unexpected ways. By speaking with the team at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, you can achieve greater clarity about your situation and you can explore any legal options that may make sense under the circumstances.

When You Suspect that Something Went Wrong in the Operating Room

Generally speaking, patients may bring a legal claim against their care providers and/or treatment facilities when they suffer harm as a result of negligence, recklessness, or intentional conduct. Specifically, if a surgeon, facility, or other responsible party failed in its duty to care for you in a specific way during your surgery and that action or inaction caused you harm, you can hold that party accountable under the law. The “legalese” of medical malpractice claims is relatively complex. But essentially, if a surgeon deviates from a professional standard of care and a medical error then causes you harm, you may be able to file a strong legal claim in regards to your situation. You don’t have to know what happened for sure to explore your options. If you believe your suffering may have been caused by a medical error, you have every right to ask a legal professional for their advice.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Speaking with a Kansas City, MO surgeon malpractice lawyer doesn’t obligate you to take any legal action whatsoever. A consultation simply allows you to tell our team your story so that we can answer any questions you have and give you our sense of whether you may have grounds for legal action should you choose to allow us to investigate your situation in greater detail. As a result, it is generally a far better idea to work with a Kansas City, Missouri surgeon malpractice lawyer at our firm instead of making assumptions about your situation one way or the other. You may have strong reasons to file a legal claim or you may not. But you’ll really never know until you seek guidance. With nothing to lose and potentially a great deal to gain, it is better to seek guidance now than to wonder forever if you should have spoken up when you had the chance.

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