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Elder Abuse Lawyer Kansas City MO

Elder Abuse Lawyer Kansas City MOIn our society, our elders tend to be revered and looked up upon. We see them as an inspiration that have spent their lives helping us learn and grow by providing us with their experiences and wisdom.  We want to see our elders thrive and be healthy.  Unfortunately, the older someone gets, the more likely they are to become sick and frail. In many cases, some of the medical conditions that elders incur prevent us from being able to take care of them within our homes. They require special attention and equipment to help them out. We look to special places like nursing homes to help our elders live the rest of their lives in comfort and pain-free. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Nursing homes are not always as friendly and loving as we think them to be.  Elder abuse does happen within the walls of the facilities of assisted living and nursing homes. If your family has a loved one residing in a nursing home you expect to have the best care for them. If your loved one has been a victim to elder abuse or neglect, please contact an elder abuse lawyer Kansas City, MO trusts. Our experienced lawyers understand the law behind elder abuse and are ready to fight for your family.

It is estimated that 1 out of 10 elders will experience some sort of abuse. A study showed that roughly about 30 percent of nursing homes in the United States were reported to have elder abuse within the last 2 years. Those are just the cases that have been reported. Unfortunately, there are a lot of elder abuse cases that will go unnoticed or unreported. Further research shows that elders that have been abused, have a higher chance of passing away sooner than an elder that is well cared for. Even if the abused elder does not have any life-threatening or chronic conditions. Reaching out to an attorney to help your family member is extremely important. It can be the difference between life and death.

Types of Elder Abuse

Physical Abuse:

Physical elder abuse is going to involve some sort of physical force against the victim. Typically it is going to lead to some sort of physical pain, injury to the body, and even visible markings on the body. Hitting, shoving, pushing, shaking, slapping, kicking, burning, beating, striking with an object, and throwing objects are all different types of physical abuse. Other types of physical elder abuse that can be found within nursing homes can include force-feeding, the use of physical restraint, and any other type of punishment in a physical form. There are many signs and symptoms of physical elder abuse that one can look out for. The signs include such things like bleeding, scratch marks, bruising, scabs, discoloration of skin, swelling, broken opens, open flesh wounds.

Sexual Abuse:

Any non-consensual sexual contact with an elderly person is going to be considered to be sexual elder abuse. Unwanted touching, sodomy, assault, rape, coerced nudity, and exposure to materials deemed to be explicit are all examples of the different types of sexual elder abuse. There are many signs to look out for. The signs may include bruising or bleeding around areas of the breast, anal, or areas around genitals, ripped or stained undergarments, infections around genitals, venereal diseases, and of course, reports of sexual abuse coming directly from the victim.

Financial Abuse

When you think of elder abuse, you might think it is purely physical. But, elder abuse can also come in a monetary form. Elders being exploited out of their finances is a growing type of abuse. Especially with technology and banking information being so readily at our fingertips. Financial elder abuse can come in two main forms and is complex. The first one is pure financial exploitation and the second is a combination of financial and physical abuse.

Pure financial exploitation can happen from a variety of people, from strangers to relatives to trusted friends. Strangers can come in contact with your loved one residing in the nursing home and try to scam them with donating money to fake charities, fake lottery winnings, etc. Any means of getting their information and stealing their money. It is also possible that the workers within nursing homes can participate in abusing the elder financially. Tricking the residents by taking advantage of their dependent relationship is always a possibility.

There is also the possibility of the combination of physical and financial elder abuse going on within the nursing home. Within the facility, the workers could threaten to abandon, harm, or injure the victim unless they agree to give the worker something with monetary value. The employee could start to withhold or refuse to care and treat the victim until they get what they want. Unfortunately, the most common form of the combination comes from a victim’s relative. Relatives have the most power because they are able to take advantage of the family relationship they have and use it as leverage. A relative to the victim can very easily abuse the elder either mentally or physically.

Elder Neglect

All caretakers have an obligation and duty to take care of the patients that are in the nursing home. When a caretaker fails to meet these obligations, it is going to be considered another form of abuse called neglect.  Elder neglect can come in many different forms such as not providing the elder with basic essentials like food and water.  It can also be not proving an elder with shelter, clothes, medication, not helping someone bathe, security, and comfort. Some of the signs and symptoms one can look out for include malnutrition, dehydration, bedsores, improper personal hygiene, unsanitary, or unsafe living conditions.

Wrongful Death

When someone dies because of the result of another person’s negligence, it is considered to be wrongful death. Many elders living within assisted living facilities are not in the best of health and need to be looked after. Many people place their loved ones in these facilities believing they will receive the best care and attention they need. If a loved one dies within a nursing home, it is important to look into the situation. It is not known immediately if the death was caused by natural causes, or potentially the negligence of one of the workers. Considering people in nursing homes are usually close to the end of their lives, it is often glanced over and not investigated. However, if someone passes away suddenly in an unexplained way with broad circumstances, it is a good idea to look into the situation. You could have a wrongful death case against the nursing home.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a situation involving elder abuse, you deserve the fullest amount of compensation for your suffering. Please call our Kansas City, Missouri elder abuse lawyer team today to explore your legal options. Call Royce Injury Attorneys today, we look forward to helping you obtain justice for your loved one.

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