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Can you sue someone for a hit and run?

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Hit and Run Lawyer Kansas City, MO

Hit and Run Lawyer Kansas City, MO

When a driver collides with another vehicle, they have the legal responsibility to come to a stop and take the proper steps following an accident. Such as, calling the authorities, getting medical attention if needed, and exchanging any information like identification with the other driver that was hit. If the driver that hit the other person leaves the scene of the accident, then they are considered to have done a hit and run auto accident. These types of accidents can be frustrating. Oftentimes, the accident happens so fast that you are not able to focus on what happened and are not able to gather information about the vehicle that hit you before it flees the scene.  It can be stressful to think that you are alone with no information in this scary situation. Remember that you are not alone, an experienced hit and run lawyer in Kansas City, MO can help you regain control of your situation.

The cases of hit and run accidents are rapidly increasing in the USA. These cases are the most challenging when it comes to tracing the driver and giving justice to the victim. If you’re someone who has been a prey to such an incident, it becomes essential to consult experienced lawyers. This is because you will face challenges like insurance coverage, cost, and mental trauma. Hit and run lawyer Kansas City, MO, has highly skilled and experienced lawyers to help you channelize your accident case to the designated authorities hassle-free. By doing this, they make sure that you receive the maximum compensation for the loss in a hit and run driving incident.

Reasons for Hit and Runs

Drivers will flee from  the scene of an auto accident without stopping or contacting the authorities for a few different reasons:

  • Under the influence: If someone is operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, the repercussions can be very serious. The fines can be tremendous and they can be arrested and face time in jail.
  • Driving with a suspended license: It is illegal to drive without a license or with a suspended one. If you are caught, it is a serious criminal offense. People with a suspended license will flee the scene because they do not want to get charged or caught not having a proper license with them at the time of the auto accident
  • Lack of insurance: It is also illegal to be operating a motor vehicle without the proper insurance. A driver without proper insurance is likely to leave the scene to avoid civil liability and criminal charges against them that come with driving without insurance.
  • Not wanting to get a ticket: It is not uncommon that if someone receives multiple driving tickets within a short period of time, they get their licenses suspended. If the driver that caused the auto accident is already driving with tickets to their name, they might want to avoid receiving another one causing more problems for them. It is also possible that someone will just drive off because they want to avoid interacting with the police and getting a ticket altogether.
  • Overall fear: Auto accidents are a scary thing to experience. People can be afraid of their spouse, employer, kids, and parents finding out. Even if the accident was just a simple one with no injuries, it is still not an easy situation to be in. It is not uncommon for someone’s mind to go blank and their first instinct is to drive away as fast as possible. It is normal to be afraid after being in an auto accident.

It does not matter the reason for someone to leave the scene of an accident and create a hit and run. At the end of the day, leaving the scene is a serious criminal charge. The driver who left the scene can be charged with large penalties for convictions.

Hit and Run Driving Accident: Two Sides Of The Story

If you are hit, it is crucial for you to report the case and injury to the police within twenty-four hours to attain a police report. A claim has to be filed with your insurance company within thirty days with the help of your attorney. Thus, you have to decide soon to avail services of the Hit And Run Lawyer Kansas City, MO, to help you get the justice you deserve.

In case you are the driver, driving vehicles carelessly or injuring someone on the streets is a serious charge that can lead to severe consequences. People who rash drive under unconsciousness after drinking put the lives of other people walking on the roads at risk. With the help of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, you can handle the case with utmost sensitivity and care.

Questions That May Arise In Your Mind

There may be some things you may wonder about after such a mishap. The first thing you may think about is how to prove yourself innocent. The next question that will hit you is how you will find the driver at fault. In the middle of all this, you may also be worried about your medical expenses and lost wages. And the most critical question will be that you need a lawyer’s services and guidance or not.

The good news is that a Hit and Run Lawyer under the Missouri Law can solve all your legal, financial and medical challenges.

Role Of An Attorney

  • Your lawyer guides you through the preceding of the entire case.
  • An attorney helps you understand the legal formalities related to such cases.
  • They make the case strong through the collection of evidence and paperwork.
  • They examine the eyewitnesses.
  • A lawyer assists in arresting the driver at fault.
  • They undertake the legal procedures in a way that formulates your compensation up to the maximum amount.
  • Lawyers are experts in these cases and will make sure that the case turns in your favor.


These cases may occur due to driver’s over-speeding, wrong-side driving, or careless driving. No matter what the reason, if such accidents severely injure you, you should get proper compensation and lawyer assistance. So, feel free to get in touch with a hit and run accident lawyer Kansas City, MO trust from Royce Injury Attorneys.

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