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Expenses You May Be Able to Claim in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawsuits are civil cases between one person and another individual who injured that person. If you were injured due to the negligence of another person, you might be entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, but you might not know what expenses to claim. The following are some you may want to include.

Medical Costs

Personal injuries vary in medical costs, but they all carry some expenses. In one case, the injured individual might require extensive surgery and prolonged therapy, while in another case, the injured might be treated in one day in the emergency room. The more long-term and severe the injury, the more you would be inclined to file a personal injury lawsuit to claim expenses.

Lost Wages

While you are receiving treatment and recovering from your injuries, you could be missing work and losing wages. This is why lost wages is a possible expense you can claim in your personal injury case. If you are going to miss a lot more work in the future, you could also seek damages for loss of future income.

Pain and Suffering

While they’re not as easily quantifiable as medical costs or lost wages, many injured individuals seek damages for pain and suffering. As a personal injury lawyer can explain, there are several types of physical and emotional scars left when someone is injured in an accident, and the injured individual should have a way to cope. Compensation for physical discomfort, sleeplessness and other psychological effects might not remedy the issue, but it could give the sufferer a resource to use for seeking help.

Loss of Companionship

Many injuries result in the victim being unable to have meaningful relationships. Maybe this is due to mental incapacity and maybe it is due to emotional issues. In any case, it could put a toll on the individual. Loss of consortium is another type of loss you could claim in a personal injury case.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes an individual will get injured, and several weeks or months later, he or she will die from complications related to the injury. When that occurs, the surviving loved ones of the deceased can often seek wrongful death damages. Many of the expenses that the victim could have claimed had he or she lived are the same expenses the surviving family members can claim, in addition to funeral and burial costs.

Contacting a Lawyer

After being injured, you might have questions about what expenses you can claim. Contact a personal injury lawyer to get more information so you can prepare yourself for the case.

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