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Big Rig Crash Lawyer Kansas City

Kansas City Big Rig Accident Lawyer

Big Rig Crash Lawyer Kansas City

Big rig trucks can inflict a tremendous amount of damage on smaller vehicles in accidents. The trucks have the possibility of weighing up to 80,000 pounds. These large trucks can obliterate other vehicles in common accidents such as sideswipes, rear-end, and head-on collisions. Oftentimes, these crashes result in catastrophic and fatal injuries to victims involved in the crash. Big rigs are some of the biggest, heaviest, and most dangerous vehicles found on roads in Missouri. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 475,000 reported accidents involving big rigs just in the United States alone in 2016. 104,000 of those accidents resulted in some sort of injury. Unfortunately, 3,864 of the reported big rig accidents resulted in a fatality. Victims from these accidents involving a big rig can tell you first hand of these dangers, as they have already suffered greatly. Due to the size of these vehicles, someone that was injured in a big rig collision, will more than likely have to experience long-term and the possibility of invasive medical procedures. It is even possible that they may sustain injuries so bad, they may even suffer from a life-long disability. While trying to recover from a serious injury, Maintaining your normal everyday lifestyle while also having the added stress of trying to support your family can be extremely overwhelming. You do not and should not have to experience such challenges on your own. Being represented by a big rig crash lawyer in Kansas City is a must. With no added stress, we can file a personal injury claim against the at-fault parties. This would result in you obtaining the compensation you need and deserve to pay for such expenses like medical care, treatment, rehabilitation, and lost wages.

Dealing with a big rig accident is nothing like a normal car accident, they are far more complicated. Big rigs must follow hundreds of federal and state regulations in order to be in operation. These regulations include the ownership and leasing of the vehicle, the insurance covering the vehicle, operation, repair, and maintenance of the big rig.

Types of Big Rig Accidents

  • Big rig trucks can tip and rollover if the driver of the vehicle takes a curve too sharply, drives too fast for weather conditions, hits an object within its path, tries to correct a trailer that has traveled off the road, or brakes incorrectly down steep declines. Rollovers are very dangerous. If a smaller vehicle is besides the big rig, the truck can crush the smaller vehicle and lead to highway pileups.
  • A big rig will “jackknife” when the trailer in the back swings out away from the front of the truck at a sharp angle. Jackknifing can occur when the driver of the big rig breaks incorrectly causing the front and the back of the big rig to be in different directions. Once this happens, it makes it nearly impossible for the driver to control the big rig. This can lead to a rollover or another accident may occur.
  • Big rigs are quite larger than regular vehicles and do not possess the same stopping power as smaller, lighter vehicles. Since they are larger, they require more space in order to come to complete stops. Big rig drivers that follow other vehicles too closely or speed may end up causing rear-end collisions that can be fatal to passengers in other motor vehicles.

Causes of Big Rig Accidents

Drivers of big rigs are under a lot of stress and pressure. Their job involves operating heavy and powerful machines that can be difficult to maneuver and maintain control. Most times, drivers have to meet certain deadlines to deliver their cargo on time. This often leads to them working long hours, all while traveling on congested roadways across states. On top of that, truck drivers are required to follow hundreds of safety regulations added to the normal traffic laws that everyday motorists in private vehicles must follow. It is important to hire a big rig accident lawyer in Kansas City that understands these regulations. In a perfect world, all of these added regulations would be followed. However, not all the safety regulations are not always properly followed and may result in an accident taking place. Some of those factors may include:

Truck driver negligence

Even though they are in charge of a much larger and more dangerous vehicle, truck drivers are just like any other motorists on the road. They also are able to make mistakes that can prove fatal to others around them. Common negligence can be eating and drinking while driving, texting and driving, not following roadway rules, driving drowsy, or driving drunk are all factors that have all caused crashes in the past. When this happens, the trucking company will often be liable for the actions of its employee.

Drugs or alcohol

Fatigued from long hours

Distracted while driving

Violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules

Trucking company negligence

Poor vehicle maintenance or repair

Big rig part failures are the result of many accidents every year. Vehicle failures can be a result from improper big rig maintenance on the truck company’s part. It is the company’s job to consistently maintain and repair their trucks. It is also important for the big rig driver to inspect the vehicle prior to any trips. Poor maintenance can result in brake failures, tire blowouts, and other dangerous outcomes that can occur during cargo transportation.

Illegal or negligent loading practices

“Lost loads” are not as common cause of big rig accidents than other human errors, but they still happen enough that they are common. The FMCSA has strict rules and procedures for companies to follow to ensure secure cargo loading. However, sometimes companies will break the rules so they can fit more on a big rig or to save time and their money. This can result in dangerously unsecured loads and cause the big rig to tip over from the loads shifting around in the back.

The most common reason for big rig accidents is driver error. Since it is due to the driver, many accidents caused by big rigs can be avoidable resulting in less injuries and fatal accidents every year. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident involving a big rig, please reach out to a big rig accident lawyer in Kansas City for help. Contact Royce Injury Lawyers today to see how we can help you or your loved one. We can be reached 24/7 at 855-976-9235.

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