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Slip and Fall Accident At An Apartment

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When you are walking home to your apartment, you want to feel like you are walking in a safe place and that your home is your security. However, if you enter your apartment grounds or complex and you slip and fall, you may be questioning whether that was your fault or whether that could have been avoided if your landlord took better care of the property. After an accident like this, you may notice injuries cropping up. Maybe your sprained ankle is more than just a sprain or that headache you have is related to falling down. Whenever you see signs of injury after a slip and fall accident, it is imperative you seek medical help as quickly as possible. 

What am I trying to prove in a slip and fall claim? 

In a typical slip and fall case, you are trying to show that when you were on someone else’s property, your slip and fall accident was caused because someone else acted negligently. In the specific instance of slipping and falling at your apartment complex, you will be trying to prove that your landlord could have prevented you (and others) from becoming injured if they had maintained the complex better. When proving this, you must show the landlord failed to prevent an accident like this from happening or directly caused it to happen. 

What are some instances where it might be the landlord’s fault? 

A personal injury lawyer knows that there are different ways a landlord may have been negligent. The key to a slip and fall injury case like this is that your landlord knew (or should have known) about the danger. 

  • Poorly lit areas. If there are areas outside of the apartment complex that are poorly lit, not only could this mean you are at risk for slipping and falling, but it could also make you an easier target for theft or assault. 
  • Leaks. If your apartment had leaks that you notified your landlord of, they should have fixed the leaks in a reasonable amount of time. If you slipped and fell because of a leak, that could be their responsibility. 
  • Broken stairs. If the stairs leading up to your apartment have been broken and your landlord knew, this could be very dangerous for you and any other tenants.

Slipping and falling can be scary and may lead to serious injuries. If you are planning to seek compensation after a slip and fall accident, locate a nearby attorney for help with your case.  

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