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What Happens If a Teen Driver Causes a Car Accident in Missouri?


Handing your teen the keys to the family car can be both exciting and concerning. Your kid is old enough to take the wheel, but the roads of Missouri are no stranger to teenage car accidents.

In a report, the Missouri Primary Care Association highlighted that vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in Missouri. Hence, it’s crucial to have sufficient knowledge of teen accidents in the city to make the right calls in case of an incident.

Missouri has a graduated licensing program; according to this framework, teenagers can gain driving privileges such as driving alone without an adult’s supervision as they demonstrate their ability to drive safely.

However, they are required to have insurance in order to provide coverage in case of an accident. According to state regulations, a teenage driver must have minimum insurance coverage of $25,000 per person.

But if the teen is uninsured at the time of the accident, whoever’s car they were driving would be held liable for the damages. This is called ‘owner’s liability or ‘vicarious liability.’

Was your child injured in a teenage driving accident?

If your teenager was injured during a driving incident, it’s normal to be concerned for their safety and wellbeing. However, you should ensure to seek professional help as soon as possible to be fairly compensated for the damages.

Here are some steps you should take after a teenage car accident:

  • Report the incident:

    After you’ve checked for injuries, call the police to report the incident. The dispatcher will ask your name and phone number, details of the current situation, and where the accident has occurred. So be prepared to provide this information.

  • Record the driver’s information:

    If you get the chance, be sure to get the other party’s contact details, including their name, contact number, insurance policy number, and their car’s license plate number. If they don’t own the car they were driving, get the owner’s name and contact details.

  • Take pictures and notes on the crash:

    If your teenager doesn’t need to be rushed to the hospital, take some time to record the details of the teen car accident. See if you can find any eyewitnesses and take down their names and contact details and photograph the damages, vehicles, and road conditions.

  • Keep the medical records safe:

    Some injuries are not apparent. Your child could be suffering from internal injuries and even emotional turmoil as an aftermath of the accident, so make sure to get them checked by the doctors. Keep the medical records safe to claim compensation.

  • Reach out to an automobile accident attorney:

    Claiming the damages can be a long and tiring process. With the right legal assistance by your side, you can ensure to be fairly compensated for the damages you suffered. Reach out to a reliable and experienced car accident attorney in Missouri immediately after the teen accident to get professional help.

Why are teen drivers more likely to cause car crashes than other age groups?

According to research, teen drivers are four times more likely to cause teenage car accidents than adults. Some common reasons teenagers can be a threat on the road are inexperience and a tendency to get distracted.

Why is it important to have a lawyer in teen accident cases?

Getting compensation for your teenager can be a difficult process to navigate alone. Legal jargon may be tough to decipher, and insurance companies may pressure you into accepting a lowball offer.

A professional injury lawyer is experienced and well-versed in dealing with teenage car accident cases, so they know how to negotiate for your case. With them by your side, you can make the best decisions for your teenager.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does insurance go up after an accident for a teenager?

If your teenager had an at-fault accident, the insurance could go up from anywhere between 15%-80%, depending on several factors, including the damages and road conditions.

  • What age group causes the most car accidents?

The CDC reports that the risk for automobile car accidents is the highest among teenagers aged 16-19. The organization’s findings state that the motor vehicle accident death rate for male drivers in this age group was over two times higher than female drivers. 

  • What to do when your teenager has a car accident?

After you’ve gotten them checked for any injuries and have reported the incident to the police, call Royce Injury Lawyers. We have a team of qualified and experienced personal injury and automobile accident attorneys who will protect your rights and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

  • What is a common factor in the traffic deaths of teenage drivers?

The most common factor in teenage car accidents is speeding. Young drivers are more prone to challenging their limits on the road and going above the speed limit, causing teen car accidents. Other factors include driving under the influence and lack of experience.

Free Royce Injury Lawyer consultation in teens car crashes

Seeing your teenager injured can be very difficult. Nobody wants to see their children in pain. Several of us at Royce Injury Lawyers are parents, so we know the feeling. 

This is why we offer free consultation in teen car crashes. Every case is important to us, and our compassionate team of personal injury attorneys makes sure to listen to each of our clients patiently and intently.

We’ll make sure your teenager gets the compensation they deserve so that they can enjoy a bright and happy future. Reach out to us today for more information on our services, or call our representatives to book a free consultation session with our experts.

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