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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Kansas City 18 Wheeler accident Lawyer

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Any accident involving an automobile can be dangerous. However, an accident involving an 18 wheeler can impose a much greater risk than a normal vehicle. More and more accidents involving an 18 wheeler are becoming much more common. This is due to the fact that more companies are using freight trucks as a means to move their products from state to state. Statistics on Truck accidents show that approximately 500,000 18 wheeler accidents occur every year. These accidents can lead to serious injuries and fatalities from either party. Since 18 wheeled trucks are much larger in size and weight than a normal car,injuries involving these vehicles can be devastating.Most of these 18 wheelers are carrying weight in the 10’s of thousands of pounds at once. These large trucks can cause devastating impacts in any accident such as, head-on, t- bone, read-end, or side-swipe collisions. Survivors of truck accidents are left with very large medical bills, lost wages, life-long pain and suffering, and permanent disability.  If you are involved in an accident such as this, it is very important to seek representation from an 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Kansas City.

There are many factors that can play into the causes of semi-truck accidents. They can range from impaired driving from drug or alcohol, driver fatigue from being overworked, to a blown tire and faulty maintenance on the truck itself. Accidents involving an 18 wheeler are generally more complicated than a standard car accident due to the claims involved. A standard car accident usually has clear liability. While 18 wheeler accidents are generally more complicated because liability can be difficult to pinpoint. There can be more than one person liable such as the driver, the driver’s employer, the owner of the truck, and the freight shipper are all potentially at fault, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Truck accident causes can be chalked up to a number of things. However, the  most common factor that is known to cause trucking accidents is driver error. Statistics show large truck drivers are 10 times more likely to cause a crash than other common factors usually found. Factors that contribute to this are, drugs, alcohol, unfamiliarity with the roads, or distraction. Most commonly, it is found that the driver error is caused specifically by driver fatigue usually from overworking.

In addition, 18 wheeler truck accident cases often involve an employer company that owns the actual truck itself. More times than not, the company has hired and paid the driver to drive their truck, and therefore are held responsible for the driver they hired actions. In order to operate an 18 wheeler truck, drivers of 18 wheelers must possess a commercial driver’s license. In order to do so, they are required to pass special tests and receive commercial driver training. If an accident involving an 18 wheeler occurs during the course of normal work, the employer company could be held responsible for the actions of the employee driver.

Furthermore, if the crash was caused by improperly stored cargo within the truck, improper maintenance, or defective equipment, there is the possibility that other parties involved may be liable. For example, the company that loaded the equipment can be held responsible for not loading the 18 wheeler properly causing the contents to slide. Another example is if the company responsible for maintaining the truck misses something that later causes the 18 wheeler to malfunction.

Common accidents that someone would want to seek representation from an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Kansas City include:

  • Truck rear ends other vehicles – This is the most common crash involving an 18 wheeler. This usually occurs when the vehicle that was rear ended was stopped at a red light, a stop sign, slowed down from oncoming traffic, following a vehicle too closely, speeding, not driving appropriately for weather conditions, driver fatigue and driver distraction are all common causes of these 18 wheeler accidents.
  • Failure to yield– These tend to have the most injury potential. These crashes usually happen at intersections caused by right-of-way violations. This would include not stopping at a stop sign, a red light or not yielding to a turn. In wide turns, 18 wheelers can also cause a road accident by obstructing the path of other drivers trying to pass.
  • Sideswipes– Large trucks need to use mirrors to see traffic to the sides and behind them. As a result, 18 wheelers and other larger trucks have large blind spots around them. If the driver doesn’t see a vehicle in a blinde spot in an adjacent lane and decides to change lanes, a sideswipe can be the result.

In order to prevent something like this from happening, sideswipe prevention technology such as a mounted video camera and lane departure warning systems are available to be placed on the trucks. However, most trucks are not equipped with them.

  • Jackknife – This often is the result of hard braking, more than likely on slippery roads in bad weather conditions. Jackknifing is when the tractor and trailer both stop moving in the same direction. They can fold toward each other, like a pocket knife. The tractor will be facing one way, while the trailer will be facing a different way, and both could potentially crash into each other. While the driver is trying to regain control, the 18 wheeler can collide into other vehicles or obstruct the road causing other vehicles to crash into it, resulting in the accident to become even worse.
  • Rollovers – Many large trucks have a high center of gravity, particularly 18 wheelers. A rollover can occur when a driver is speeding/driving too fast around a curve causing the center of gravity to change and the truck to tip. This can also occur if there is strong winds or the truck’s cargo shifts to one side.

Since these types of accidents are so dangerous, what should someone do if they are involved in an 18 wheeler accident? The first step after being in an 18 wheeler accident is to seek medical treatment as fast as you can. Call the police so they can send someone over to investigate the scene. Then call an ambulance if needed or get yourself to an emergency room as quickly as possible. It is very important that you seek medical attention right away even if you are not physically showing any injuries. Some injuries such as brain damage and spinal damage might take some time to recognize and are not apparent right away. That is why it is of the utmost importance to have all tests and scans done to determine the full scope of any possible injuries. Common injuries that can occur include head/ brain injuries, neck/back/spinal cord, burns, broken/fractured bones, or even wrongful death. Any one of these possible injuries can lead to life-altering results and even fatalities.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident involving an 18 wheeler, please call at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC one of our 18 wheeler accident lawyers in Kansas City for a free consultation at 855-976-9235. Our Kansas City 18 wheeler accident lawyers are ready to listen to your concerns, answer any questions, and help guide you through the complex legal issues that are known to come from 18 wheeler accidents. We want to make sure you are able to recover the maximum amount and justice for your family.

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