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What happens in a Single Car Accident?

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Single Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City

Single Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City

A car accident can happen at any moment and it can change someone’s life forever. Some accidents are small and only cause damage to the vehicle. However, some are more serious and when a person is injured, that is when a single car accident lawyer Kansas City can come into play. On a year to year basis, there are approximately 6 million car accidents in the U.S. Of those accidents, over 3 million people receive injuries.  Just between Kansas and Missouri, over 30,000 people are killed each year from car crashes.

It is a common misconception that getting into a car accident and filing an accident claim is straightforward. People believe that the only step involved is they have to file a claim with the insurance company and the rest of the situation will resolve itself. This unfortunately is not the situation. Single car accident cases aren’t always straight forward and resolved in a few easy steps. People involved in the accident can be dealing with extensive medical bills,  property damage, physical and mental injuries, the loss of a loved one, and more.

After an auto accident, you want to make sure you recover the maximum compensation. Being able to cover all your expenses, you will need to hire an experienced single-car accident lawyer in the Kansas City area. A lawyer can fully explain the situation at hand and represent you while dealing with insurance companies. An experienced lawyer will be fighting to get the most out of your claim. In the meantime, if you are injured, you can take the time you need to heal from the injuries and get your life back on track.

Even though car crashes are so common, many people still do not know the steps on how to handle them. The first step of the process is to call 911 and have the police arrive and request an ambulance if needed. If you do not need to go to the hospital, the police will arrive and have an investigation of the scene. The police serve two important purposes upon arriving at the accident. First, they will make sure everyone involved is safe as well as ensuring the safety of those still using the road. Second, they will create a police report of the accident. The report will document what happened and who was involved in the accident. This report will be important in your legal case. Obtaining a police report is extremely important. The report will provide detailed information about the accident that will help you win your case. It will contain information such as the weather and the road conditions to better determine if the driver that hit you was being negligent for the conditions at hand. It will also provide you with detailed information on any injuries that may have occurred during the accident. As well as a detailed report of all people involved and how the accident actually occurred. The report will come in handy when your lawyer takes on the insurance companies and helps determine what possible compensation you can receive. Even though the police will have their own report, it is important to document the accident on your own. Not all police reports are 100% accurate and could be missing information and not have the correct information. Your own documentation should include taking pictures of the damages to the vehicles, taking down the names and insurance information of the other driver. Take pictures of any vehicles involved. The police will have pictures as well and they will be able to fill out information themselves but it is also important that you take your own pictures of the scene just in case they miss anything. If the accident occurs in a busy area, take a look around to see if there are any video cameras that might have caught the accident on film. Even if you are not severely injured, it is important to seek out medical attention regardless.  Not all injuries are apparent right away. Getting prompt medical treatment is important for your recovery as well as moving forward with your legal case.  If you are treated promptly, the medical records from the physician will describe any possible injuries and help show a connection between your injuries and the accident. When you see a doctor and they recommend treatments, make sure you continue with the treatments that have been scheduled.If you decide to push back the recommended medical treatment, the insurance company for the at-fault party will use that to their advantage. The insurance company will more than likely argue that since the treatments were avoided, you were not badly injured as claimed, that you have made a full recovery, or that there’s no proof that the accident is in connection to your injuries.  It is of the utmost importance to remember, the insurance company for the at-fault party is not on your side and wants to compensate you as little as possible. In most situations, it is for the best if you go directly to the emergency room and not wait to make an appointment with your primary care physician.

Serious injuries that can come from a car accident include:

  • Head or brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Neck, back, or spine injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Wrongful death – fatal accident

Car accidents can cause more than just an injury. They can also put a strain on you financially. massive medical bills, lost wages, costly future medical care are items that are commonly found from a car accident. This is why it is important to contact a car accident attorney in the Kansas City area to help you with your case. The attorney will do most of the work for you and remain in contact with you to make sure you are keeping up with the medical treatments and doing everything necessary to win your case. It is important to keep up with the necessary medical treatment to not only heal yourself, but to collect all the bills necessarily so your attorney can send them to the driver at fault’s insurance company so you do not have to pay for them.

Upon seeking a Kansas City car accident attorney and getting representation, you will be able to file a civil claim against the driver at fault. Under the law, you are entitled to receive compensation from the accident. You may be able to get compensation for:

  • Physical Pain
  • Lost Wages and Loss of Future Earnings
  • Lost Quality of Life
  • Property Damage
  • Punitive Damages
  • Past and Future Medical Expenses
  • Emotional Distress

Most car accidents are caused by driver error. If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, please call Royce Injury Attorneys LLC of our single-car accident lawyers in Kansas City for a free consultation at 855-976-9235.

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