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Who is at fault in a Head-on Collision?

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Head-on Collision Lawyer, Kansas City

Head-on Collision Lawyer Kansas City

Head-on collisions are exactly what comes to mind when you hear that phrase. They are car accidents that happen when 2 vehicles collide and hit each other head-on. Head-on collisions are typically the worst. These kinds of auto accidents tend to result in the most amount of damage and have the highest risk of someone being injured or a fatality occurring.

Head-on collisions kill thousands of drivers per year.  These accidents are some of the most dangerous, so it is important to get a head-on collision lawyer when injured in Kansas City or statewide.   The majority of these accidents are caused by drunk drivers or drivers not paying attention, who move into the wrong lane of traffic and collide head-on with incoming traffic.  The force of the impact of these accidents is so powerful that they tend to cause a high rate of deaths and severe injuries.  The car accident attorneys at Royce Injury Lawyers are prepared to help you or your loved one through all phases of a head-on collision accident.  Call us now at 855-976-9235 to get a free consultation.

Reasons Head-On Collisions Happen

There are numerous main causes for head-on auto collisions:

  • DUI – Even with the increased use of rideshare companies, a stunning number of people continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol. (DUI Accidents).
  • Other Drugs – Unfortunately, with the legalization of marijuana in many states, the number of these accident are increasing, and they are also increasingly difficult to prove with the lack of standard tests for determining whether a driver was under the influence of marijuana or another drug. (Marijuana Accidents).
  • Texting – Texting has become of the biggest reasons for head-on collisions as drivers take away the needed attention from the road to their phone. This has been killing a profound amount of young drivers. (Texting Accident).
  • Distracted Driving – While texting makes up a majority of distracted driving head-on collisions, cell phones in general and the increase usage of other devices are increasing the incidents of head-on collision from distracted drivers. (Distracted Driving).
  • Fatigue – Long road trips, early risers, and truck drivers make up the bulk of head-on collisions caused by fatigued drivers who either fell asleep at the wheel or dosed off and swerved into a new lane. Even half a second of closed eyes is enough to create a head-on collision accident in Kansas City.
  • Reckless Driving – Road rage accidents make up a large bulk of reckless driving head-on collisions, but also include racing, and speeding.
  • Road Conditions – Icy roads, fog, or animals often cause people to swerve the vehicles, often into oncoming traffic.

Who is at Fault in a Head-On Collision?

In most cases, the driver who switched lanes or who is going in the wrong direction on a road is at fault in head-on collision accident in Kansas City.  Additionally, the driver who was in the wrong lane or going the wrong direction is often cited with a traffic violation which helps to win cases more easily.

Common Injuries From Head-On Collisions

  • Cuts and Deep Lacerations: It is not uncommon for glass to break in a head-on collision. Someone within the vehicle can very easily get cut from the glass or any other material in or around the vehicle. The immense power that is created from a head-on collision can result in broken glass, metal, and plastic. These materials can turn into shrapnel and come flying towards anyone within the vehicle. Having sharp, flying projectiles is one of the many reasons why head-on collisions can be so dangerous and deadly.
  • Head or face injuries: The driver and passenger that are involved in a head-on collision are at risk of severely hitting their head. Hitting their head with such force can create severe injuries like head, brain, or facial damage. Over the years, safety equipment such as airbags has been able to reduce the extent of the damage these collisions can make. However, any head or brain injury can still be life-changing and result in long term disabilities and other injuries that can last well after the auto accident is over.
  • Neck or Spine Injuries: Neck injuries can occur in a variety of ways including something as small as someone hitting your bumper. They are very common in head-on collisions. The large amount of force that is caused by a head on crash can cause the driver and passengers to have their heads jerked or whipped around in a violent way. When this happens, it can cause whiplash, a herniated disc, or a serious spine injury such as spinal cord compression. These types of injuries can result in lifelong pain and even a long term disability.
  • Broken bones: When involved in a head on collision, it is not uncommon to have some sort of broken bone. This is because the intense amount of force involved in these accidents can cause a passenger or driver to collide with something within the vehicle. Most times, it is from colliding with the instrument panels or other objects within range near legs or other parts of the body. Broken bones can be very painful and range in the amount of time it takes to heal. If a broken bone does not heal properly, it is possible that a permanent disability occurs.  It is also possible that surgery will be needed to correct the broken bone.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: these types of injuries can be the result even when someone is still conscious and without a head actually hitting an object. Unfortunately, head-on collisions are the factor of a lot of traumatic brain injuries. The physical, emotional, and monetary damages that are known to come from a traumatic brain injury can change someone’s life forever. If someone experiences a traumatic brain injury, it is best to find top notch legal and medical representation.
  • Fatality: With the immense amount of force in a head-on collision, it is not uncommon for a fatality to occur.

With the risk of such significant injuries it is important to hire a head-on collision lawyer in Kansas City that has the experience to get the maximum recovery available. A large portion of head-on collision injuries are lifetime injuries that may require forever care, thus it is necessary to get you or your loved one the law firm that will provide the most value.  Contact Royce Injury Attorneys today to see how we can help your loved on. Call us 24/7 at 855-976-9235.

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