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Should You Move Your Car After a Ride-sharing Accident?

Ride-sharing Lawyer Kansas City, MO

At Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, personal injury law is all we do. Whether you’ve been hurt on the job, had a ride-sharing accident, nursing home injury, or experienced medical malpractice, you can count on our lawyers and investigators to work for you. Should you experience a ride- sharing accident, contact our ride-sharing lawyer in Kansas City, MO for assistance.

Getting into a car accident can be confusing, not just stressful. One common question drivers have is whether to move their car after a collision, but the answer isn’t always straightforward.

Read on for four questions to consider before moving your car after an accident.

Is Anyone Hurt?

Moving your car can be dangerous when you or a passenger in your car gets hurt. First, you can’t guarantee that the sustained injuries are safe for movement. Injuries such as those involving the head or spine can worsen if you move someone without careful consideration.

Another reason an injured person means not moving your car is the possibility of the accident becoming a criminal investigation. An accident becomes a crime scene when an injury is severe, someone dies, or a driver is drunk, explains our car accident lawyer in Kansas City, MO. In these cases, it’s best to leave your car alone.

Was the Accident Documented?

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, take photos if possible. If you or the other driver sustain injuries or major damage occurs to either car, insurance companies will need documentation proving who was at fault.

Moving the car should only ever happen after you take photos of the scene. Just be sure you take them from a safe location, especially in busier areas.

Are You in a Lane of Travel?

Car accidents happen in many driving areas. Chances are, you won’t be blocking much traffic if you get rear-ended in a quiet parking lot. However, if the collision happens in a busy area, every car that comes across the incident risks involvement. For example, single traffic accidents on the freeway can cause bigger pileups, so if you can move your car to safety, do so. On a freeway, you can move to the shoulder. On a high-traffic city road, find the nearest parking lot.

Even exchanging information with the other driver is something you can do away from the point of collision.

Is Your Car Working?

You know your car better than anyone else does, so if you drive away from the accident and something sounds or feels wrong, reconsider. Cars can sometimes turn on following a crash, but they can break down without warning, too. If there’s a leak somewhere, it’s dangerous to drive the car even for a short time.

Preventing further damage is the number-one priority after a collision. If you experience a ride-sharing car accident, consult our ride-sharing lawyer in Kansas City, MO  at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC today to decide your next steps.


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