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scooter accident lawyers Tulsa, OKAs skilled scooter accident lawyers in Tulsa, we can confidently say that electric scooters are increasingly becoming a popular way to travel in urban environments. They are now available in many major cities, and they offer a cheap, fun, and different way to commute short distances within the city. These scooters however provide very little safety to their riders and the pedestrians around them. 

According to the data we studied, most of the scooter accidents happen on sidewalks rather than on streets. This is despite scooters not being allowed to be ridden on the sidewalks. Cars have little to no risk of being hit by a scooter, but a pedestrian on the other hand has an enormous risk. Even though a helmet is mandated, only a fraction of the scooter riders were reported to be wearing one and from those, almost all of them were injured on their first ride. 

Because of the astronomical growth in popularity of these scooters, government agencies have been struggling to keep up with laws to regulate their use. Some cities are still deciding how to make sure that pedestrians and cyclists are safe from them on sidewalks and roads. Though there are many regulations that the ride-share services like Lime and Bird put in place like being at least 18 years of age to ride a scooter and to follow all the traffic laws, they are sometimes hard to enforce. 

If you consult a scooter accident lawyer in Tulsa, they will inform you that most of the services that offer scooter rides do not require any insurance to ride. Because of this, you may be the one responsible for damages even though you did not cause the accident. This is why scooter accidents are so complex. There are no clear laws as to who is liable in the event of an accident. Our experienced attorneys will help you figure out all the possible liable parties and will ensure you get maximum compensation for your sustained injuries. 

There are a few scenarios in which a scooter accident is very probable – 

  • Negligent Pedestrians

Pedestrians are very distracted while crossing the streets or while turning around a corner. A collision is inevitable if a pedestrian is looking down at their phones instead of in front of them for an approaching vehicle. 

  • Unmaintained Scooters

The scooter company is liable for the accident if they have not serviced or maintained the scooter regularly. This could be anything from low-pressure tires to faulty brakes. 

  • Poorly Maintained Roads

The cause of a scooter accident could also be poorly maintained roads, debris on roads, or unexpected obstructions on heavily trafficked streets. Because the safety of a scooter rider is inherently compromised, they are more at risk compared to cyclists to get injured while riding over a pothole or a cracked pavement. 

Being adept scooter accident lawyers in Tulsa, we promise to help you navigate the unique problems and legal challenges if you or a loved one has been part of a scooter accident. While corporations and insurance companies care only about their vested interests, for us, you will be the sole priority.

You can trust our scooter accident lawyers Tulsa, OK at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC to help you get the representation you deserve. Call us now for a free case review!

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