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Do I Need a Lawyer After a Side Swipe Car Accident?

Side Swipe car Accident lawyer Kansas City, MOWorking with a Side Swipe car Accident lawyer Kansas City, MO can be very beneficial to you when you have been in a car accident. At Royce Injury Attorneys LLC our lawyers are experienced professionals who have dealt with many and different car accident claims. 

No two vehicle accidents are exactly alike, but there are similar features and procedures involved in most. If you have been in a Side Swipe car Accident, understanding the subsequent process is essential to ensure health and safety for all involved, manage legal and financial liabilities, address auto damages, and responsibly get back on the road.

Here’s what to do after you have been in an accident.

Address Injuries

The first thing to do after a car accident is address any injuries that have occurred. If you or anyone else is seriously injured — particularly with a neck or back injury — do not attempt to move that person. Instead, call 911 and wait for paramedics to arrive.

Assess Damage

Assuming no injuries need urgent treatment (and no vehicle is blocking traffic), the next step after an accident is to assess any damages that may have occurred. In the smartphone era, this means taking lots of photos to thoroughly document any damages. It may also mean speaking with any witnesses who can corroborate stories.

Call Police

It may be necessary to obtain a police report to file an insurance claim. If an officer has not shown up on the scene, you may need to call the local police department to ensure a comprehensive report is generated.

Exchange Insurance Information

In an ideal scenario, all individuals involved in an accident will be unhurt, damage will be minor, and both parties will carry sufficient insurance. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Whatever the details of your particular incident, after the accident it is usually necessary to exchange insurance information with the other driver. Ultimately, the insurance process may be fairly straightforward, and your respective insurance agencies will be able to deal with the aftermath of the accident on their own. If one party does not have insurance, or has limited insurance, the process for assessing damages and liabilities may be more complicated.

In addition to insurance company information, you will want to exchange your name and contact information with the other driver — and probably record the names of any witnesses or law enforcement officers who are also on the scene.

Contact A Lawyer

In some cases, an insurance claim will be necessary. In other cases, paying for damages out of pocket may be more affordable.

A lawyer is not always necessary in helping to mitigate the aftermath of an accident. However, a Side Swipe car Accident lawyer Kansas City, MO can help you navigate your best legal options, regardless of who is at fault. Speaking to our car accident lawyer in Kansas City, MO at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC can be useful as you work to navigate an accident’s aftermath. Contact us today.

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