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Sideswipe Collision Lawyer in Kansas City

Sideswipe Collision Lawyer in Kansas City

A side swipe accident is exactly what it sounds like. It is one vehicle swiping the side of another in a perpendicular angle. These collisions happen when the at-fault driver attempts to merge into another vehicle’s lane and does not properly ensure it is safe to do so. In the United States, roughly 240,000 sideswipe collisions occur every year. These accidents are very dangerous since the sides of cars are not as protected as the front. Side swipe accidents can often result in serious injury and death. The reason these crashes can be so dangerous is because one vehicle is hitting another usually with an immense amount of speed and force. The side of a vehicle is a dangerous point of impact since that is usually where either the driver or a passenger is sitting. Since the car is being hit at a weak point with such force, a side-swipe collision can cause a vehicle to flip/roll, to move violently to one side, or even cause it to spin out of control. Much like any other car accident, if you have been involved in a side swipe, it is important that you reach out to a side swipe collision lawyer in the Kansas City area to help you through the situation.

Sideswipes usually happen when 2 vehicles are traveling the same direction and one vehicle hits the other. The driver’s side of one vehicle will “swipe” another vehicle’s passenger’s side. Side swipe accidents can cause anything from a small scratch to extensive frame damage. They can even push the vehicle getting hit into another vehicle or traffic resulting in a chain of serious injuries. A side swipe collision lawyer in Kansas City can help you receive the compensation Sideswipe collisions often happen due to:

  • Improper lane change – Can happen when a driver attempts to change lanes while another vehicle is in its blinde spot
  • Improper merging – can happen when a driver is not paying attention or does not yield to another vehicle
  • Failing to yield a right of way – this includes stop signs, right of way at four-way stops, or merging
  • Drifting into another lane – this can happen when a driver is not paying attention
  • Running a red light – the action becomes even more challenging if the driver was also speeding.
  • Failing to slow down- When someone is traveling too fast, the driver’s reaction distance and braking distance are affected, even on streets with lower speed limits
  • Unsafe turns- Likely to happen when a driver fails to yield or misjudges that the turn is safe

Sideswipes can cause more than just an injury. They can also put a large financial strain on the victim. People involved in side swipes tend to see massive medical bills, lost wages due to injury, and costly future medical care are all possible outcomes that happen from a side swipe.  This is why it is important to contact a side swipe collision attorney in the Kansas City area to help you with your case. Please call one of our car accident lawyers in Kansas City for a free consultation at 855-976-9235.

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