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Surgical Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO Surgical Injury Lawyer Kansas City, MO

At Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC, our surgical injury lawyer Kansas City, MO relies on knows that surgical errors are more common than many people would like to think. Surgeries are high stakes. Even minor surgeries come with risks and while many patients understand the risks they are facing by undergoing these surgeries, they may not be prepared for the fact that their doctor made an error during the surgery that could be life-threatening or debilitating. While not all bad surgical outcomes are the result of medical malpractice, you should seek help from attorneys who will work with you to determine how the injury came about and hold the responsible party accountable. 

What does it mean for errors to occur during surgery? 

When someone talks about surgical errors or medical malpractice, they are not talking about things simply going wrong during surgery. Unfortunately, our medical malpractice lawyer Kansas City, MO offers has seen many times where surgery has gone wrong either because the circumstances could not be changed or because of a medical error. The important thing is to understand the difference and know when you need to hold someone accountable for a life-changing mistake they made. Common examples of surgical errors include:

  • Conducting surgery on the wrong side of the body
  • Conducting surgery on the wrong organ
  • Causing an infection that could have been avoided
  • Causing damage to other areas of the body, like nerves or tissue
  • Accidentally leaving surgical instruments in patients’ bodies
  • Causing injury related to an anesthesia error

What can happen as a result of surgical error? 

When a surgical error occurs, there are many injuries that a person can suffer from. Some of the injuries that can occur are infections, amputations, brain damage, and even death. You should never let someone discourage you from pursuing compensation when you rightfully deserve it after a surgical mistake. If you had a loved one who underwent surgery, suffered from an injury, and died as a result, you can speak with our surgical mistake attorney about filing a wrongful death claim. You should not have to live with the results of someone else’s mistake. 

If you have had surgery and believe that the doctor is responsible for injuring you, do not hesitate to reach out to our office. We will get you in contact with our trusted Kansas City, Missouri surgical injury lawyer so that you can be prepared to file a case.  

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