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Uber Injury Lawyer Champaign IL

Uber Injury Lawyer Champaign ILIf you were a passenger in an Uber during an accident, you might wonder who is responsible for your injuries. Depending on your unique situation, either the rideshare company or the other vehicle’s driver could be held accountable. Uber fully insures the passengers in their vehicles from start to finish, so you should be covered in any case. 

But, if it’s decided that your rideshare driver’s personal insurance is responsible for your losses, things could turn out a bit differently. It really all depends. Rideshare accidents can be some of the most complicated and nuanced personal injury claims and should only be handled by an experienced Uber injury lawyer Champaign IL.

Uber coverage vs. private insurance

So how does Uber rideshare insurance coverage work? Uber drivers must have their own private insurance. However, as soon as they pick up riders, those passengers are no longer covered by the driver’s private insurance. While ferrying riders, passengers are covered by Uber’s insurance policies and are subject to their coverage. Unfortunately, there may be gaps in coverage. To find out detailed information about how Uber’s insurance policy covers you, you are well-advised to have an Uber accident lawyer Champaign, Il, who can communicate with company representatives.

Why you need an Uber accident attorney

With Uber becoming such a popular mode of transportation, many accidents involving rideshare vehicles have begun to happen. However, making a claim against a rideshare company can be confusing — the insurance coverage offered by Uber is nebulous. If you’ve been injured as a passenger or driver in an Uber vehicle, you could be entitled to compensation for your harm and losses. 

Unfortunately, rideshare companies like Uber are often more interested in making their problems go away instead of adequately taking care of them. In some cases, Uber would rather deny a passenger’s injury claim or fire a driver than help them receive compensation from the incident. Uber accident lawyers can help you hold Uber accountable. 

Settlements from my rideshare accident claims

No two people are the same, and neither are two rideshare accidents. Complex insurance policies and coverages are involved, so financial awards of damages in rideshare accidents are particularly challenging to estimate. Hiring an experienced Uber accident lawyer is almost certainly the most useful idea if you’ve experienced such an accident. 

Uber accident attorneys can not only help determine whose insurance should be liable for your injuries and damages, but they can help recover compensation for 

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Physical therapy bills
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Personal recovery time and childcare 
  • Pain and suffering
  • And more

An Uber accident lawyer will fight to ensure you get every dollar you are owed for your injuries from their rideshare accident. Contact an Uber accident lawyer Champaign, Il today to schedule a time for a free case evaluation. Don’t wait — call Royce Injury Attorneys today.

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