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Why You Should Call Your Insurance Company After Your Vehicle Rollover?

Vehicle Rollovers Lawyer Kansas City, MOMany drivers are reluctant to contact their insurance company after an accident. They’re afraid of increased premiums even if the accident was someone else’s fault. But your insurance is there to protect you. If you don’t report the accident, you won’t be able to access all of the benefits you pay for. Should you experience a vehicle rollover accident, contact our vehicle rollovers lawyer Kansas City, MO for assistance. At Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, personal injury law is all we do. Whether you’ve been hurt on the job or had a vehicle rollover accident, you can count on our car accident lawyer in Kansas City, MO and investigators to work for you.

They Can Help With Immediate Repairs and Costs

A settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company may take months to untangle, but you’re going to need your car repaired long before they can pay for it. Even if you’re not at fault, your insurance policy may include coverages that mean you don’t have to pay out of pocket for any repairs or replacements. You may also need to have your car towed and towing insurance coverage will prevent you from having to pay for it out of pocket. And of course, any medical expenses will be covered by your insurance regardless of who is at fault.

The Other Driver May File a Claim Against You

Even if you both walk away from an accident with no hard feelings, the other driver may contact their insurance after leaving the scene. Not only could that leave you on the hook to pay for a settlement out of pocket, but you could also be brought to court without your insurance agency to defend you.

Injuries and Damage May Impact You Later

The adrenalin of an accident can shake up even the toughest trucker. Though you may feel fine on the scene, or the damage to your property minimal, symptoms of serious injuries such as whiplash may affect you days or even weeks afterward. While whiplash is often minor, pain and stiffness can last months or years resulting in climbing medical bills to manage your symptoms.

A ding on your bumper might look like an easy fix, but then require a replacement that costs far more than you expected. The impact could have damaged delicate sensors or electronics that can’t be easily seen at the scene. Or perhaps a dent greatly lowered the resale value of your vehicle.

It’s important to remember that reporting an accident to your insurance provider does not increase your premium. Most insurance companies require timely reporting. Otherwise, they may dismiss a claim you make in the future or even deny coverage at all. But be aware that giving your insurance company too much information – especially when it comes to fault – may also give them cause to deny your claim. Consult our vehicle rollovers lawyer in Kansas City, MO at Royce Injury Attorneys LLC  today to discuss your claim.

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